The Value of Time with God

imageHow can we honor God’s holiness while also keeping our time with Him smoke enough to prioritize to first place in our life? Sandi shares.

“For the Word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double edged sword. . . it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart” (Hebrews 4:12).
Christmas is over. I can rest. During that busy season, ironically, I lacked the time to do any of the in-depth Bible study that I thrive on. I am so excited to be able now to dig in and study, to write once more! But all of my notes did not seem so very exciting considering the devotional nature of my writing.

During the busy Christmas season, my heart had grown cold. I was so tired, having health issues and then a roaring case of shingles broke out in just the last several weeks! I was too tired and sick to dig in and feed on His words.

What would happen to you if you became too busy to eat healthy meals and just survived on small snacks at any odd times? You would not have the strength you would need to have a solid walk with God.

I needed to revitalize my walk with God! I needed to take time and feed on His Word.

I needed to learn to revitalize my prayer life. To listen to what He is saying to me, and to ask for His help to understand and accept.

“For His Word is living and active,” It is fresh and new each day! The fact that each day holds vital and life changing words to us from God is so exciting!

So along with learning to be quiet and pray, I need to become calm inside and read His Words, Gods’ Word to us! “He wants to lead us beside quiet waters. He can restore our souls” (Psalm 23:20).

Father: I love to see the image in my mind of lying down in green pastures, standing beside quiet waters. Lord, would You restore my soul? I used to be so busy for You until illness came. Raising a family while ill, You guided me. Guide me now please, Jesus. Amen.

About the Author:
Sandra Platt has been writing for Rest Ministries since 2007 and has enjoyed the friendship and fellowship. She has been married to her best friend for 32 years. They have been in the ministry for 27 years and have raised two wonderful kids while in the parsonage. Sandra has had fibromyalgia for 28 years, and along the years more health issues have appeared. Now she is in the wheelchair due to neuropathy, and she has lupus. The joy of the Lord is her strength.

When life gets in the way of drawing closer to God how do you rearrange your priorities so that you can avoid withdrawing from His presence?

We can make our time with God into something so complicated that then we push it aside for when we have strength, time, the ability to focus. This is Rend Collective singing “Simplicity” and it speaks of how simple our relationship with God can be. he loves us… And our love for Him shouldn’t be complicated. May it be a blessing to you. -Lisa

One thought on “The Value of Time with God

  1. Everyday is a new day with him, it has to be for me, just getting in the word when you feel like your heart has grown cold is not the same as when we really get into his word with that yearning in our hearts to receive from him and commune with him. I love it when I can study like that, I have COPD, and Fibromyalgia, congestive heart failure, and was in the hospital over Thanksgiving with a Blood Clot on my lung so now I am on blood thinner, so I was feeling down for a bit and got into a self pity party, and when I do that I lose my Joy, there is joy and strength in his word, and he said in our weakness there is strength in him, I am still standing on his promise for a healing in my body, tho it hasn’t come yet, I still chose to stand with him, his word truely is living and active in us by the holy spirit.
    I admire you Sandy for your strength in him. and I really enjoyed the song.

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