How to Recognize Light in Your Darkness

imageCan you locate the light God is sending into your darkness? Lynn shares.

“When they saw the star, they were overjoyed” (Matthew 2:10).

We have just come through the season of Christmas yet the gift continues to unfold. I was meditating on the Magi who traveled so far in search of the Messiah.

What perseverance!

The time frame of their arrival in Bethlehem is not always clear among scholars, but that they did arrive is important.

“When they saw that the star had stopped, they were overwhelmed with joy” (Matthew 2:10 NRSV).

These men were astrologers who studied the heavens. It was this gift that helped them to recognize how Old Testament prophecies were close to being fulfilled.

It is interesting to think about “stars” in relationship to their travels for they lived by the lights in the dark skies and were guided in the night.

How often I feel lost in the darkness of my circumstances and pain. I can wander too long feeling overcome. The Magi welcomed the darkness for they knew it was leading them to the Messiah.

For them it was a long journey; for me it is a change in focus.

The Magi had to wait until the star stopped in its appointed place. The Lord often waits on me until I remember the “star” is permanently dwelling within me.

He is in his appointed place and wants me back there with Him.

What was the light in the Bethlehem stable was a dark and forsaken place for humans. Perhaps a torch carefully placed could have brought some light. But when the Magi kneeled to worship, it was their recognition of the light emanating from the babe that overwhelmed them with joy.

The gift that I can bring to the One who is the Gift, is recognizing how close He is and how much He longs for me to stop and recognize that all I need is to seek and find Him deep within.

Prayer: Lord, You were born in the darkness of a night so Your light could shine with lessons I need during my times of uncertainty. I bow before Your faithfulness and receive the light of Your care. Amen.

About the Author:
Lynn Severance is a retired elementary classroom teacher. Since 1983, she has lived with vestibular dysfunction: constant dizziness, sessions of vertigo and related side effects of nausea, balance problems, neck and back pain, visual tracking and eye fatigue. She is a breast cancer survivor having gone through surgery and chemotherapy treatments in 1987-88. She lives in Lynnwood, Washington. Do visit her blog at

What stops you the most during times of darkness within your circumstances, causing hesitation in seeking God’s help. What is a simple way for you that can be a reminder to quickly turn and find his light?

Lynn shares, “The greatest gift we can bring to the Lord is ourselves, in all our weaknesses but also with our faith–child like faith–that will keep us within His Light. It seems so simple, but remains so hard on most of our days. But He is with us. Yo-Yo Ma and Alison Krauss are the artists in this rendition of ‘Simple Gifts.’ May we ever be drawn to His Light that sustains us.” Hoping you are blessed! -Lisa