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ddThis is a daily devotional for people who live with chronic illness or pain that has been a program of Rest Ministries, Inc., restministries.com .

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It is available to read

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Our devotionals are written by a team of volunteer writers, all of who have at least one chronic illness. If you are interested in joining our writers team you can find information on submitting 2 sample devotionals here.

Our writers make all the difference in the world and we couldn’t provide this service without the gifts of their time and wisdom. Get to know them and find their personal contact information here.

Note: Each devotional has a video at the end. When you request email delivery of the devotionals the video is not included. If you would like to watch the video, just click the title of the devotional and it will take you to our web page of that specific devotional where you can see the video.

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23 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I would like some people to talk to. I have Fibro,and Lupus and RH and possibly CF. I am in another group with Chronic pain but would like more friends to talk with. thankyou!! June

    • I have Fibro, CFIDS among other underlying health issues the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Immune Dsyfunction has caused! I would love support, and would love to be supportive and talk to someone as well.
      Let’s connect!

    • I can clearly understand how you feel. I have Fibro and Lupus. Please know that you have others here that would love to be there for you. I hope we will be able to connect on here.

  2. June,
    I have IC(6 years), arthritis, Fibro(since Sept of 08)
    allergic to my own bacteria, gerd,Ibs, and now exema on the vaginal area(checking for cancer).
    i would love to converse with you

  3. Hi, I stopped here because I saw the word Pilgrimage. Last night when I was lying on the sofa, crying from a broken heart, which is hurting me more than fibro, exhausting me more than Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and sticking with me like the strongest glue in the world, I was trying to figure out how I’m going to make it through this month, without money since I live on disability income. I am home-bound due to my severe love for my two canines so I can’t “go” on a Pilgrimage, but for months I’ve been feeling it, like I’m supposed to go on one. I know I don’t have to physically go anywhere and I need a plan, now. I loved a man who mistreated me. I broke it off and he never gave me a morsel of time to talk about my feelings so for six months I’ve been hurting so much I have literally felt like I’m dying. I’ve lost 12 needed lbs off my little body. I almost called this man thinking I would ask him to be with me at x-mas! I must be losing my mind. It feels like even though he mistreated me, (treating me like an object, lying to me, and treating me like a stranger b/c he says he felt rejected)– like maybe having him around would be better than nobody. I need an idea. I need more than a book this month. I need something to do to occupy my mind and get me out of the house. I thought of finding a way to volunteer. Like perhaps help other women who have been emotionally and mentally abused. I feel alienated from family at this time, though always I love them. I truly feel like the walking dead! Do you have an idea. I live in NC near Duke. I’m going out on a limb here it seems, but, well, I’m asking. Thank you for reading my comment. I am dogkisses on wordpress but soon I will not be writing anonymously, as writing is my favorite hobby. Thanks again.

    • You are strong and smart and you made the right choice to break it off. I spent 36 yrs with a man who threatened, physically, emotionally, sexually and spiritually abused me. I stayed for the children and tried to make a go. We found out he had ADHD and depression. His family of origin is almost 100% alcoholics and the generation of grandchildren have more than one homosexual and bisexual. My children do not believe my illness is real no matter what I show them on the web site for the CDC. My daughter who is addicted to addicted people has moved back home and is taking advantage of us even though we are barely making it on the money we get. She is divorcing her husband of 3 yrs who she had two children to. She had a child to another addict at age 15.My daughter wants to have me committed for drug addiction because she says I am sick even though I take the minimal amount of medicine that is prescribed by my physicians who are all aware of what the other physicians are prescibing. My daughter physically threw me around when I asked her to leave. When I pushed her back she made the mistake of telling my granddaughter to call 911 to have me arrested for abuse. When they came I told them my chronic disability and there was no way I could even attempt to hurt her. They by God’s blessing believed me and sent her away for a few days to cool off. My husband did nothing to interceed. I must bide my time and take the steps the Lord leads me on to leave for a safe place. I must separate from this man who can’t be trusted for anything. Illness or not there are no excuses for his behavior anymore and my children are grown. The Lord knows my life and he is widening the path to leave. I saw another woman on one of the group sites that needed a heart transplant. Someone always has it worse. God Bless and stay strong in the Lord. If you don’t know him tell him I sent you. He won’t let you struggle without feeling his strength and presence. Humilation is the worst! But God loves us for just us.

    • Hello dogkisses, I read yr comment and it really caught my attention, cause you seemed to be going through a similar situation as mine, although I am not heart broken, I just got fired from my job, but I feel the same way as you, do, like the walking dead, and I feel like I too need a new project something to get me out of the house. I feel like volunteering is a great idea. Or even starting yr very own group. Maybe on facebook you can meet other local ladies or people in your area to meet one a month or week at a local book store and start yr own group. I hope you feel better and I thank you for sharing yr story.

  4. Lisa,
    You asked me to send a messg via my phone. I tried and hope you got it. That was first time on Twitter and I can’t seem to find my way back. Blessings on you. I’m praying for you. Phyllis

  5. Hi, everyone! I obviously love the Chronic Illness Pain Daily Devotionals, as I’m one of the regular contributors. I’m routinely inspired by the words from our authors and their transparency on how they too live with chronic illnesses.

    Recently, I started my own website and blog, Comfort for the Journey. I hope you will stop by, read a little or a lot, and sign up for my blog (lower left hand corner under “Register.”) Together, we will come alongside each other and experience comfort for this journey.

    No worries… I will continue to write for Rest Ministries, as it has and always will be a source of encouragement for me and for others. But this is just another way for me to spread God’s comfort to those who are hurting in any way.

    Blessings and hugs,

  6. I would like to get in touch with Deni Weber. I and Dr. Edna Ellison are working on an anthology and perhaps she could be a contributing author. I couldn’t see her email link on your page. BTW, please tell her I believe St. Augustine was the author of the words about changing the things you can and not Rheinhold Niebur.

    In Christ,
    Linda G.

  7. I love to read the devotions…with my chronic back pain, burning agonizing pain in my left leg (siatica) from lumbar spinal stenosis…reading the word of God and reading empathetic words from those who feel the same pain is medicine for my discomfort. My wife died a few months ago from liver cancer…lonliness is another part to my pain. I had to quit my job of 18 years as a hospital chaplain due to the pain of standing and walking from the siatica…Thank for your devotions. I really enjoy your web site and its loving words of hope.

  8. I suffer from chronic illnesses: depression, endometriosis an ortheoarthritis in my knees an back. But throughout my walk w the Lord I am still blessed. Sister Amy

  9. I need support . I have discoid lupus,thyroid disease,and severe cervical arthritis. As a result I battle depression and loneliness.

  10. Hello a very good friend of mine told me about this webpage and I’m glad to see that there is a place where I can talk to other’s that are living with a chronic illness like me. I’m 35 yrs old living with lupus. Recently I was terminated from my job and I believe they laid me off because of my disability. It was very heart breaking and stress full that it made me flare up and get very ill. My boss wasn’t very nice to me and I believe he just plain didn’t like me. Not only did he stress me out, but he also cause me and my family to go through a hardship financially since he fired me., I’m a single mom of 2. I find myself at home unemployed and feeling very depressed. I don’t know if I should look for another job, I feel like the same thing will happen to me all over again. I’m defiantly going through hard times, but I’ve never been a quitter. I just can’t seem to shake this depression off. I too literally feel like I’m dying. I also feel like the walking dead, all I want to do is sleep in all day. I have never been in this situation, and I don’t know what is going on with me or how I shake this off. I need something to do to occupy my mind and get me out of the house. I definitely could use some advice thanks!

  11. A great place to meet people who are dealing w/ similar issues is at http://www.restministriessunroom.com. There are a lot of good articles at Rest Ministries also (www.restministries.org.) I’ve dealt w/ similar issues like having trouble working due to chronic illness and dealing w/ the depression from the pain and from the resulting financial problems from not being able to work. You might consider applying for disability at http://www.ssa.gov.

  12. I’m truly touched by your posts; thank you so much for sharing faithful, uplifting, and encouraging posts. I’m moved by your authenticity and bravery despite illness and thankful that you are so generous to share your work even though it must exhaust you!

    I’ve nominated you for the Liebster award. You can view the post here to find out more http://peaceinthepain.wordpress.com/2013/11/04/the-liebster-award/

    There is no obligation, as I truly understand how draining it can be to respond to such requests. Just know how thankful I am for your posts and that this is a way to share that with others 🙂

    God bless,

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