Unchartered Territory In the Year Ahead

imageAre the plans of your year feeling unchartered? Fiona explains.

“Since no man knows the future, who can tell him what is to come?” (Ecclesiastes 8:7).

As a new year starts, I’m thinking about things I’ve read in people’s Christmas letters and emails; things I wrote in my own; and responses I’ve had, or not had.

I’m wondering about people I failed to hear from–has something happened to them? Have I done something to offend or hurt them?

I had some comments from people about how my Christmas letter was full of many things I’d done–well it’s easier to mention the highlights, than to dwell on the challenges!

While some people shared what a wonderful year they’d had, when I looked back at my own year it didn’t all seem so wonderful. This was balanced with heartfelt encouraging comments from dear friends who talked about how my attitude in the face of challenges. They told me that my attitude is inspiring to them and how my faith shines through.

Often it didn’t feel that way to me!

So what of a new year? The words of a song by Don Moen, “Unchartered Territory” (see video below) had me thinking about how so much of life is unchartered territory.

Have you thought that where you are as this year starts, may not be where you expected to be?

Maybe that’s because of illness–new or worsening; maybe it’s due to loss of someone you held dear; maybe financial; emotional–there could be many reasons.

We may not have expected to be here, or that things would work out the way they have–but God knew–it wasn’t unchartered for Him.

He knows what will happen to each of us this year. He understands how we are feeling as we start 2015.

So even if we are in uncharted territory for us, let’s commit to live in the moment–not focus on the past or the future, but walk confidently forward with God.

Prayer: Father God, You know what lies ahead for each of us as we start a new year. Help us to trust You because nothing that will happen, or that we face, is unchartered for You. Amen.

About the Author:
Fiona Burrows lives in Melbourne, Australia. She is thankful that God walks each step of her life with her, and that He is teaching her new things as she learns to live with chronic back pain. She enjoys finding time for reading, writing, and photography, and to share those things with others. You can contact her in the Sunroom, or read more of her writing on her blog there.

Proverbs 23:18 says “There is surely a future hope for you and your hope will not be cut off.” Do you start 2015 holding on to that future hope?

This is the song “Uncharted Territory” with Donny Moen that Fiona mentions above. And wow… I love the lyrics. Take a moment to be encouraged and know that whatever anxiety you may have about what God has in store for you, you can trust Him. He will be beside you every moment. -Lisa