What Business Does God Have For You to Do?

imageDo you see your illness as an obstacle or an assets when it comes to the Father’s business? Diane explains.

“Didn’t you know I had to be about my Father’s business?” (Luke 2:49).

Are you wondering what “business” God could possibly have for you in this season of illness?

Recently I had the joy of going to St. Augustine, in Florida where I live. My hubby and I went to a historic cathedral which had a beautiful chapel with the in-scripted verse above.

Afterwards I couldn’t get that verse out of my mind. God just kept bringing it uppermost in my mind. I thought about how Jesus was constantly, in every situation “about” His Father’s work–giving, loving, and healing.

I asked Him what do you want me to see Lord? He showed me that though many of us deal with chronic illness or pain or suffering in multiple ways, there is still a plethora of opportunities to be “about my Father’s business.”

Each of us has different talents and spiritual gifts that God can use. Perhaps your gift to others could be sending out special cards, or posting inspirational or humorous graphics; maybe a short e-mail or even a phone call to someone in the hospital.

All these “gifts” may seem small to some, but to those who are ill it speaks volumes.

It says to that person, Wow! Someone is thinking of me, praying for me, loves me! It shows them, God has prompted someone to love on them particularly! As we enter into this New Year, look ahead with hope, joy, and renewal, knowing that we each can be “about our Father’s business.”

Prayer: Father, I thank You for your love and the example You have given us all here on earth. I pray, Jesus, that we would use the gifts You have so generously blessed each one of us with, to bless others. Let us all “be about our Father’s business.” Amen.

dianesdevotional2About the author:
Diane Kalata lives in Central Florida; she has a wonderful husband of 26 yrs. Who is her caregiver she has three grown children. She enjoys writing, art, and walks when possible. She is a colon cancer survivor, but deals with continuous digestive issues as well as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and pain. However, God blesses her, allowing her to facilitate a home bible group and various other ministries, for which she is truly thankful.

What is your “gift” God allows you to share with others? Do you have any cool ideas of things to bless others which can be done easily from home? Share them!

I really love the voice of Adam Young who is of the group Owl City. In this song, “If I Stand” he sings of what he hopes he can do for God. We may not be able to do much–according to the standards the world sets for us, but remember that we serve a God who says the last will be first and the first shall be last. Doesn’t it make sense that those of us who can do the least in the world, are meant to do the most for Him? Be encouraged! You have a purpose! -Lisa