Finding God’s Love When Our Life Needs Defragmented

“But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you.” (Psalm 5:11)

I use my computer constantly and feel I have become fairly proficient in using it. However, it’s a different story when it develops a problem. That’s when I call my husband and let him know that something is not working right.

At one point, he informed me that the computer needs to be defragged (whatever that means). He explained that pieces of information become scattered, requiring the computer to search for the pieces before they can be used. The computer becomes slow and sluggish as it searches for the pieces. To fix it, one needs to run a program that retrieves the pieces and groups them together where they are easily accessible. This process is called “defragmentation.”

What a comparison to our lives! This can be even more true when one is coping with constant pain, illness and all the related trials of appointments, lack of understanding from family and friends, and financial concerns.
Often, just being in pain, makes it difficult to make decisions. Should I make another appointment with the doctor or wait for a while and see if the medicine “kicks in”? With all the side effects of this med, is it worth continuing it just for a little relief from pain? I don’t feel like having another struggle with the insurance company. Should I call or just disregard the statement?

It’s true everyone deals daily with the need to make decisions but it’s so much easier when one feels well. Constant pain and illness and taking meds can make it difficult to think clearly and make good decisions and it’s easily to become sluggish with a feeling of being “scattered” and we search for some way to feel whole again.

In times like this, Jesus can help us get the perspective to put some order in our lives and in our thinking. No matter how disoriented we feel, we always have the steady, constant love and presence of our Savior. As we turn to Him in prayer and pour out to Him how we feel, He will calm our spirit and help us remember what is really important. We must remember when we feel the least like praying, that is the times we most need to pray.

Prayer: Lord, we do have many frustrations but we know they do not need to overwhelm us if we will just learn to keep our focus on you. As we feel confused, scattered and “out of sorts”, give us the strength to turn to You. Then we will focus on what’s really important and everything else become secondary. All the scattered parts will come together when You are the center of our lives.

About the Author:
Patricia Armstrong lives in Virginia Beach and will soon move to the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia as she and her husband, Richard, retire. Patricia has coped with pain from a nerve disease for many years and has found that Jesus has always been faithful. She prays that others will find strength as they center their lives on the Lord.

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4 thoughts on “Finding God’s Love When Our Life Needs Defragmented

  1. “Defragmentation” – what a great word, Patricia to describe what all of us feel too often. Fragile , longing for all the broken or disoriented pieces to come together to bring wholeness.

    I’d much rather have this word in my vocabulary to win a Srabble game than scrabbling up my world but you share so well the reminder for us to turn to God for our focus.

    He has the words that are creating our lives and He alone knows how to arrange them to His perfection.

    Thanks for your devotional and its inspiration!


  2. Patricia, as I read what you had written, I thought how defragged describes so well how I have felt this week. I’ve had to do that to my computer before and the idea would certainly help with my life at present. What a blessing that we have God to do that for us and that we can set our focus on Him. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

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