Snuggling Up To God On Harsh Winter Days

“He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.” (Psalm 91:1)

My daughter Natalie is our snuggly child. As a newborn she was rarely content unless she was being held, and she particularly wanted to be held by me. Now, four years old, she still loves to be with me, whether I’m loading the dishwasher, folding the laundry, working at the computer, or resting on the couch. No matter how small of a space there is next to me, she loves to squeeze in.

When I realized this, I began inviting her into the “niche” wherever I was and soon she would ask, in her version, if she could sit in the “mitch.” Wherever I am, she often wants to be. She craves the security of my presence.

And isn’t that just how we find ourselves, spiritually, sometimes. . . yearning for the security of His presence?

When she’s tired, lonely, afraid, or just wants to connect with me, Natalie asks for the “mitch.” Every day she subtly reminds me where to turn when I am tired, lonely, or afraid; how if I seek God, I will find Him, and that in His presence, there is joy.

Whether I find myself alone in a tight spot of resentment, bitterness, or insecurity, or just want to connect with God, I want to be His “mitch-dweller.” Tucked safely under His wing, I’m right where I want to be – living in the shadow of His grace.

Prayer: God, thank you that I can rest in your presence today.

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Jennifer LeBlanc lives in Oregon with her husband and two young daughters. She has been battling chronic pain since 2005 and is learning new things about trust since her diagnosis of Ankylosing Spondylitis, a chronic inflammatory disease that attacks the joints, in 2010. Jennifer writes a blog at .

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