How Are You Adjusting To The Change In Your Life?

changeDo you embrace change in your life or have you become emotionally fatigue at the idea of any change and you just want God to leave everything the way it is? Karlton explains.

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever” (Hebrews 13:8).

During the early years of my illness it seemed to me that “change” was always a bad word. My illnesses have forced so many adjustments into my life that “change” took on negative connotations. The forced adjustments were often painful.

Yet over the years I have learned that if I adjust myself mentally to the adjustments forced upon me by my health issues, the frustration and anger and my general misery decreases.

Prescriptions change, new issues creep up, and schedule changes frequently occur. It seems we are always adjusting our lives in one way or another because of illness.

Yet with time we gain experience, and our long string of experiences add up. If you have been a Christian for very long, you have experienced Jesus helping you through many trials and difficulties. Remembering those experiences can take away or lessen the fear of adjusting our lives in the many ways required by our health issues.

We can become discouraged and distraught by changes brought on by declining health or by being stricken with disease. Sometimes continually declining health forces an endless list of adjustments that tests us to our core. For many people, Jesus is the “last resort” in a crisis, but I believe we need Him each and every day through the ongoing adjustments we must endure, and with time, that we must accept.

While we should never accept defeat, we must often adjust to the reality of our illnesses. I think it takes courage to be both hopeful and realistic. We need wisdom from God, courage through His Spirit, and comfort from knowing our Lord is always with us no matter what life throws at us. Trust Him, believe in Him, and He will help you to make the necessary adjustments.

Prayer: Dear Lord, we struggle so often with the many things required by our illnesses. Give us healing, wisdom, and strength for the adjustments we must make. Amen.

About the Author:
Karlton Douglas lives in Ohio with his lovely wife. Illness has brought many required adjustments his way. Over time he has learned it is best to rely upon the Lord and not to fight “change”.

Has your illness forced many adjustments to your life?

Life is filled with growth–some of it is exciting, but the growth with the most potential can be very, very painful. I have loved this song for many years, “Don’t Give Up Now” with Mary Mary. I hope it is a reminder that God hasn’t brought you this far to leave you now. Don’t give up! -Lisa