Waiting With Expectation for God’s Plans to Be Revealed?

expectation2Are you awaiting Christ’s return with great expectation? Diane asks how can we apply this to our daily life?

“In the morning, O Lord, You hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before You and wait in great expectation” (Psalm 5:3).

July 20, 2014 was the sixty-fifth anniversary of when man first stepped onto the moon. Because I live in Florida, plus the fact that my father worked on the Apollo rockets, made the expectation of that journey and the monumental walk even more exhilarating.

All our family friends, in fact the entire city where I lived, were joined together knowing that we had played an intricate part in that special event. As I continued to reflect, I thought, shouldn’t we have that same anticipation when thinking of our Lord, both in the present and in anticipation of eternity? With self examination, do I/we really believe that He is with us at all times, hearing our prayers and supplications?

Even though each of us struggle with the failings of these bodies? The answer for me and I hope you is yes–100%!

In fact, it is with great joy, both individually and as a ”city” of believers, in health or infirmity, we wait in “great expectation” for our Lord.

Oh, how precious to know that each of us is playing an intricate part–both in the present and in preparation–of that monumental event that is to come! When our Lord Jesus Christ will come in all His glory, to reign forever and ever. Amen.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, as we greet each new day, I pray that we would continue to look to You in expectation of all that you will accomplish in our lives. Let us each remember we are part of a great multitude; that You have chosen to be part of Your kingdom. Let us share the joy of that knowledge so that when the day comes there will not be even one who hasn’t heard the precious name of You, our Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

About the author
Diane Kalata, lives in Central Florida, she is blessed to have three grown children, and a wonderful husband, who is also her caregiver in illness. She is a cancer survivor, but continues to deal with many digestive and neuropathic issues. She loves art and writing. Her desire is to continually be an encouragement to others; looking daily for those “God opportunities” to share His love and truth with others.

What opportunities has God given you to encourage that expectation in others, as a member of the city of believers, in the present; for the future? How has your illness affected those opportunities?

Brooke Fraser sings in this song, “Day is Dimming” of just how we can draw closer to God and find that joy and expectation this devotional speaks of. The song shares how it isn’t some grand secret equation that brings us closer to God, but rather, sometimes, it is just the passing of time through the experiences of refinement He has allowed us to have. God’s love changes us. I love the lyrics in this song and hope it touches your heart. -Lisa