Fall Bible Study Starting at Rest Ministries 10/19

This is a special announcement that we occasionally send out to devotional recipients.

We are excited to be offering a Fall Bible Study here at Rest Ministries. Our first study happened this summer and over 50 people signed up. Many of them attended the weekly conference call and grew to become good friends with other participants as well as dive into the Word.

The calls will take place each Wednesday on our conference calling line at 11 AM pacific, 1 PM Central, 2 PM Eastern, USA. They will be recorded and available to listen to later if you cannot make it (for members of the study only).

This Fall’s study will be “Learning to Live with Chronic Illness,” a five lesson (8 week) study on topics of:

  • I Can’t Do it Alone – Discover how to feel more comfortable accepting help from others.
  • I Feel So Guilty – Learn how to overcome feelings of guilt, moving towards acceptance of God’s grace.
  • Everything Is So Out of Control – Find out how to surrender over to God your attempts to control your life.
  • My Body Image Is Hurting – Chronic illness often affects one’s body image. Recognize how to base your self-image on how God sees you.
  • How Do I Cope With This Depression? – Understand why even Christians become depressed and how to move on to feeling better.

Sue Ellen, who will led the Summer Study is so excited to continue this time together with all of you!

How it works:

(1) Buy the Bible study here. At checkout, enter in code “fallstudy” as your coupon code before 10/31/2011 and we will knock $3.50 off the price [this makes shipping costs just $1.00 instead of $4.50]

(2) When we process your order, we will send you an invitation to the Sunroom group for the fall study. This is where you can introduce yourself, meet others, and find out all the information about the calls, etc.

(3) We will send the Bible study right out and notify you when it ships. The first call will be October 19. If you haven’t gotten the study yet be sure to join us anyway!

Note: If you cannot afford the Bible study ($7.50) please let us know here and we will help provide for you.


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