Who Among Us Would Honestly Choose Pain?

“At least I can take comfort in this: Despite the pain, I have not denied the words of the Holy One.” (Job 6:10)

I told my wife to start calling me “Pain Douglas” after a visit with my surgeon. He put a chemical on my wounds to make them heal faster, and the chemical burned like fire. Then the next morning it was off to the foot doctor to remove an ingrown toenail. I opted to skip the pain shots for, as I wrongly figured, it would not be much of an ordeal. The doctor said she could not believe I endured the procedure without the pain shots–yet I sat white-knuckled gritting my teeth the whole while.

Then later that evening my wife, as directed by a doctor, put mesalt into one of my wounds. Yes–mesalt! It is literally placing salt into a wound, to again, speed healing.

I think I need healing from all these painful ordeals!

Pain is something we run from, understandably. I’ve found that, generally speaking, the best thing about pain is when it’s over. Pain makes cowards of us all.

I’ve been through some painful ordeals, and yet others have been through worse things than I have. It seems we can always find others who have been through more painful ordeals. Almost as bad as painful ordeals is the concern leading up to the event.

If we know ahead of time we are facing a painful situation, the temptation is to run from it. Why do you think doctors call you the day before your appointment to remind you of it? No few people find reasons to escape from painful ordeals.

Something that can be worse than the painful ordeal is to completely avoid it. If I did not get my wounds treated, if I did not get the toe fixed, eventually the pain from complications would be far worse than the immediate pain I have suffered in the healing process.

I think it is that way with God and life in general. God does not spare us from every painful situation because He is Sovereign and knows that sometimes a painful situation now can spare us worse pain in the future. And what we endure now can prepare us for harder situations down the road.

Pain is an equalizer–rich or poor, famous or infamous, every person who goes through a painful situation hurts in the same way. Hit a rich person on the toe with a hammer and they will yell just like a poor person would. The difference for the Christian is that we have someone who cares about the pain we go through and who comforts us in our affliction. Jesus endured much pain, and He can help us through our painful situations.

I don’t know what is causing you pain, but I do know that pain, no matter what the cause, hurts. Sometimes it hurts to the very edge of our endurance. Yet know that God does not leave you comfortless, call upon Him in your painful situations.

Prayer: Lord this hurts, help! Amen.

About The Author:
Karlton Douglas lives in Ohio with his lovely wife. He has found God to be faithful in the painful situations of his life.

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When have you experienced pain that was worse then you imagined? What was it that helped you though it?

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