Dreams, Dreams

“I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 3:14 NIV)

Dreams, dreams. I could see it in their eyes. As we boarded the airplane, a stream of young men followed behind. They each looked strong and hungry for more. Their shirt logos revealed the source of their hopes: boxing. They looked confident and courageous. They were going to pursue a dream, somewhere out there.

I think back to my own youth. Where did I pin my dreams? What did I think I could succeed in, beyond anybody’s wildest imagination? And what now? I didn’t anticipate a slow-down in my body by this age. But it’s here, and it’s reality. And my dreams of such things as running a marathon or even running at all, belong to by-gone years.

With age and with pain, my dreams have shifted. I can’t do all the physical things I imagined I would be doing with my body, but I can do other things with my mind and with my circle of friends and with my Savior that I couldn’t have imagined in my teens and 20’s.

The biggest dream is having a relationship with my Maker, and that can’t be stopped by arthritic knees or an aching back or reduced energy. God has no limits and He is the one in charge of fulfilling dreams.

Some of the young men on the plane may fulfill their earthly dreams and become boxers of renowned fame. Others may become distracted or injured or discouraged. Their dreams will shift. By necessity or by choice.

But if they’re as blessed as you and me, they will learn to bank their dreams on a Dreammaker who can’t be thwarted by bodies and circumstances and illnesses. And press on to a higher goal.

Prayer: Father, we thank You for giving us dreams and hope. We praise You for knowing which dreams to fulfill and which ones to let go. May we always trust Your wisdom and be grateful for Your sovereign plan. In the end, You make all
our dreams come true.

Lisa Burgess lives in Alabama with her husband and youngest teenage daughter. She is learning to let God fill and fulfill her with His dreams. She welcomes you to share your journey with her at LisaNotes.blogspot.com.