Being There For Others When You Are Ill And Also The Caregiver

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“Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God,” (Psalm 20:7)

Here I am sitting in a hospital waiting room while a close relative has surgery. Even though we have our own illnesses to deal with, at times it is someone in our family.

This sort of situation can be a challenge for us. Just the going to doctors to find out what is wrong with our loved ones, and other details we have to attend to, can be rough. Then we might need to care for them at our home for a while at times.

In my case I found I needed to go back on anxiety medicine temporarily to stay calm. Even though my mind feels calm, emotions just rise up that need attention for me to stay calm and be able to do what needs to be done.

To some it may not appear that I am trusting the Lord, but I am. I am prayerfully trusting God all will go well.

It seems during times like these that the Lord gives me the strength needed and my health seems to be in a holding pattern to enable me to do what is needed. But it is wearing and not all can be a caretaker for others, even on a temporary basis.

Sometimes we are not able to be with a loved one when they are ill because they live too far away. That was the case with my dear mother a few years ago. It was hard to accept not being there for her.

This is real life. Life does not stop for others just because we are ill. We need to stay close to our Savior at all times. It will help us with the unexpected things that happen in our lives.

Prayer: Lord, please help us to trust in You and You alone when our loved ones are ill. Yes, you often use doctors to help, but it is in Your name that we trust.

About the Author:
CarolAnn Adams, who lives in Ohio has had chronic illness for most of 15 years. She had been active in many church ministries, but is no longer able to. So she ministers to others through writing a blog, devotionals and listening to and encouraging others with chronic illnesses.

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