Devotion: The Strength Of Hercules; We Need Affliction To Find Strength

“The Lord is my strength and my defense; He has become my salvation. He is my God, and I will praise Him, my father’s God, and I will exalt Him.” (Exodus 15:2)

The philosopher Epictetus liked to remind his students that had there been no lion, no hydra, no challenges for Hercules, there would have been no Hercules; he would have been just another uninteresting Greek man.

Perhaps it is the same with those who suffer affliction. Though we might prefer a boring life free of problems, we would not be the person we are today had we not been shaped by hardships and trials.

I admit I would rather be bored than afflicted, yet I suspect that had it not been for afflictions and trials in my life I might not have set down the spiritual roots and developed the deeper relationship with the Lord that has occurred within my affliction.

Perhaps you should consider that even though the trials and hardships in your life have not been of your choosing, they have nevertheless helped to shape you and drive you closer to the Lord.

Prayer: Dear Lord, though we do not welcome hardship, help us to persevere in Your strength and grace and lean upon You through the difficult times in our lives. Amen.

About The Author:
Karlton Douglas lives in Ohio with his lovely wife. He has learned to lean upon the Lord through trials and challenges.

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Do you believe you have grown closer to the Lord through your difficulties? In what ways?

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