Thankful Through the Pain? Searching for Hope

“Come to me all ye who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

Why is it that pain, sorrow and sadness in our lives stick out in our memories more than the happy events in our lives, especially during the holidays? Perhaps it is because pain is such a strong emotion that can leave scars that seem to take forever to heal, if they ever heal at all.

With me the holidays that are approaching us, often brings depression and despair to my weary heart. Memories of holidays past with loved ones who are not here anymore, and memories of holidays past where I was not sick and disabled, tends to cause my heart to fill heavy and saddened. I am not sure if it is the pain from my illness that causes me sadness this time of year or not. . . but I definitely feel the pre-holiday blues and these blues are much worse when my health is going downhill.

Chronic illness carries with it chronic pain. This pain tends to follow us everyday, repeating its pattern over and over, until we feel weary and burdened and restless. Some days are worse than others, and the holidays tends to bring out the more painful days. Trying to cope and deal with pain on a daily bases tends to land one feeling so very lost and sorrowful.

The deeper the wound, the more we suffer. Soon pain has engulfed our existence leaving very little room for comfort and solace. This time of year however can make the pain even more intense. Many times I find myself past the tears, past the complaining, and past the hope of relief.

But there is hope! There is One who promises rest for the weary. There is One who knows our burdens and loves us deeply and that One is the Lord Jesus Christ. Placing our faith in Him can strengthen our resolve and give us the endurance we need to carry on.

This Thanksgiving I can find many things to be grateful for. Counting my blessings always gets me past the blues and into a praising heart. I can focus on the all the Lord has done for me and my family, and soon I realize just how very blessed I truly am. The Lord has given me rest for my weary heart.

Prayer: Thank You, Father, for hope! Thank you for Your promises! Thank You for Your blessings! Thank You for my all! For everything we are and have, Thank You! Amen.

About the author:
Debbi Farmer, a wife, mother, business owner and writer from North Carolina; knows the pain of chronic illness, and broken hearts. She desires today to comfort that scarred heart, and encourages those who know pain all too well. May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday filled with warmth, love, and comfort.

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Are you weary and burdened today, dear child? Try counting your many blessings as this can give your heart the rest it seeks. Do you remember the blessings in your life? Can you focus on the good? If you can you might just realize how very loved you truly are. Can you go to the Lord in pray? He has promised to meet you there.

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