Beautiful Prayer Journal Has Free Download

From Lisa…

This is a resource that I found and am passing along from They share the following about the author of the prayer journal, Wendi.

Wendi Westmoreland is a woman who prays. She provides thoughtful instruction and examples from her own prayer life in this prayer journal as she let’s you in on a bit of the journey she has walked with the Lord. Wendi has put her heart and prayers into this exceptional resource, so we invite you to download it . . .and pray.

I would let you hear from you below in the comments section if you typically use some kind of prayer journal. Do you use something that guides your prayers, or simply a blank journal or you can write your prayers out? Do you journal about your prayer life, or about specific people who are on your prayer list?

I always kept a journal for many years, and it became a prayer journal because every entry seemed to start with “Dear God” and end with an actual prayer written down. When I started to get rheumatoid arthritis in my hands, I grieved the loss of being able to write for very long and basically had to relearn how to pray. I still miss the ability to write pages and pages of journaling that is essentially an outpouring of prayer to the Lord.

I am curious about your experience! Please share and encourage all of us!

Download Your Free Prayer Journal Here