Trusting God’s Walls

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“. . .and the Israelites went through the sea on dry ground, with a wall of water on their right and on their left.” (Exodus 14:22)

Do you ever wonder how the Israelites must have felt walking across the sea bottom with huge walls of water on each side? If I had been there, I believe I would have been wondering every second when the water was going to let go and cover me.

At times when I awaken in the morning, I have that feeling. Will this be the day when the “wall of pain and frustration” completely covers me to the point that I no longer will be able to live through it?

I can only do as the Israelites did, and step out (of bed) in faith. It’s never an easy thing to do—completely put our faith and trust in God—even though we have seen His hand at work in our lives over and over again. I know I can trust Him, but living out that trust is the hard part.

By the end of the day my thoughts turn to prayers of thanksgiving to our faithful Lord for helping me make it through. Some days are easier than others But sometimes I cry out to Him all day long to help me “take one more step in faith.” And, He does, just as He did with the Israelites.

I know from reading further in this chapter that, when I get to the “other side,” or in my case, “the end of the day,” I, too can sing as did Moses and Miriam.

“Sing to the Lord, for He is highly exalted. The horse and rider (the pain and torment which some of us live with daily) has been hurled into the sea.” (vs. 21)

About the Author:
Alice Ervin (Dayton, OH.) is so grateful to have a loving God to help her cross the rivers of pain, fatigue and chemical allergies daily, knowing that God is making the way possible. She doesn’t claim it is easy, but just takes each step by trusting that God goes before her.

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