Goodies Bags Each Week for Commenters! Why Do the Devotionals Now Have a Question at the End?

Have you noticed in the last week that now each devotional has a question following it? Why? Because we care about your opinion! There are a lot of places people share their thoughts through Rest Ministries such as Facebook or in the Sunroom, but we would love to hear your specific reflections on some of the ways that the devotionals make you think a bit more than usual. Over 5000 people receive the daily devotionals and we believe that we can learn a great deal ourselves (the Rest Ministries writers and volunteers) through hearing how you have grown.

Some of you may receive these devotionals by email each day, some via the Amazon Kindle e-reader, others through a Facebook or Sunroom link, etc. But just click on the title and it will send you over to where the devotional is posted so you can leave your comment there. That way, we can all benefit from your own experience, reflection, thoughts, or even answer your questions and concerns.

Proverbs 27:17 says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” We’d like to be sharpened by you!

And who doesn’t like a surprise? I have 12 gift bags all ready that I will be giving away once per week through August 15th. Every Monday I will randomly pick one of our commenters from either or and send it to you in the postal mail. These little gift bags include a variety of items like cute stationary, magnets, pins, DVDs of Rest Ministries, etc. PLUS… a copy of our new Beyond Casseroles DVD!

The fine print: Sundays at 9 PM is the cut off time fo when the previous weeks comments will “count” toward winning the prize. You may only win one time. If you win the gift bag, we will email you and request your postal address. Please reply within 1 week or the gift bag will be passed along to the 2nd place winner.

We look forward to hearing from you!

PS: Watch next week! We will be announcing our summer Bible study we will be doing online!

Lisa Copen