Daily Devotionals Now Available Via Kindle Subscription

If you have a Kindle, the popular e-reader from Amazon.com, you will be excited to know that our daily devotionals are now available on the Kindle! If you don’t have a Kindle, you can just keep this information in the “things I don’t need to worry about” file.

[Or if you are buying a Kindle use this link and Rest Ministries will get a small donation with our affiliate link!]

If you are interested in subscribing you can do it at the direct link here on Amazon or do a search on the Kindle itself. It will pop up if you search “chronic illness devotionals” or even “Rest Ministries.”

Each day our devotional will be loaded automatically to your Kindle. You can try it free for 14 days. After that you will automatically be billed $1.99 a month. I don’t get to set the price –Amazon.com does that. And in case you are wondering Rest Ministries earns 30%. This may frustrate some of you that Amazon gets to keep $1.40 of your monthly fee, but try to think of it as Rest Ministries receiving $.60 per subscriber and it’s not costing us anything out of our pockets.

I will still continue to post devotionals here each day and the ministry will not EVER charge for them, so don’t worry about that. But if you find having them available to read in bed, at the hospital, waiting rooms, or to recommend to a friend, I hope you will find this one of the personal perks of technology that we can take advantage of to stay encouraged in God’s Word each day.

PS: There is a free Kindle “App” for many devices such as the iPhone, iTouch, iPad, etc. However, if you are logging on to the net anyway, it may be just as easy to zip on over to our web site to view the devotionals.
PPS: We have not discovered how to make them available on other e-readers yet such as the Nook. It is fully automated with the Kindle and Amazon.com . We’ll keep you posted if this changes.

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