Devotional Update

Hi, friends. Happy summer!

Just a note from me (Lisa) to let you know I apologize for the sporadic devotionals this week. I haven’t had enough to post (I think all our writers are either busy with summer or suffering silently); and I’ve been trying to write them from my son’s golf camp, but then have had computer issues posting them. It seems I’ve been either going full-steam with my son with summer activities or collapsing.

And yesterday I picked up something heavy and pulled my shoulder slightly out of the socket. I saw the doctor last time it happened, and he said to ice, take meds, etc. My rheumatoid arthritis has eaten away a lot of my socket area so it slips rather easily. But it is one of the most painful occurrences with RA that I have experienced and means no sleeping at night either. So, I am in “survival” mode for a few days until it falls back into place.

Please know how much I appreciate each of you, your comments, and encouragement to one another. Next week my son will be at day camp and I hope to get caught up as well as let you in on all the updates about Invisible Illness Awareness Week (which Rest Ministries founded in 2002).

Many blessings to you and try to stay cool.

Lisa Copen, Rest Ministries Founder

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