Amazon Drops Price For Daily Strength of Rest Ministries Devotions

Good news! Amazon has recently dropped the price for Rest Ministries Daily Devotionals on the Kindle.

Amazon originally set the price at $1.99, but has since dropped it to just $.99. Rest Ministries receives 30% from each sale, and we do not have any control over the price setting.

Over 30 people get the chronic illness devotionals on their Kindle each day, making it convenient to read anytime and anywhere, such as when stuck in those waiting rooms at doctor’s office or for both short and long hospital stays.

Thank you for supporting Rest Ministries in every way you do, including passing on the daily strength of our devotions. Many of you forward them to friends, post links to them on Facebook or other social networks, and tell your friends at church about them. It is because of you so many people are encouraged daily and I appreciate it immensely!


Lisa Copen, Rest Ministries Founder