Are You Taking Time To Talk About Jesus? Karlton

talkWhen we feel too weary to have a needed conversation–even about Jesus–if we ask for His strength He always meets us where we are at. Karlton shares.

“When she heard about Jesus, she came up behind Him in the crowd and touched His cloak” (Mark 5:27).

I was tired, grouchy, and irritable. I had made it through my sister’s wedding, and through some of the reception, but I was done in and just wanted to go back to my comfortable hotel room. But my mom’s hotel room was closer, so they dropped my grandmother and I off there to rest. I was frustrated because I didn’t get my way, wasn’t taken to my own room.

Funny thing happened, I got over myself, and somehow started talking about Jesus to my grandmother. She had faith as a girl, but felt she had strayed too far to ever go to heaven, yet she loved hearing me talk about Jesus, and told me so.

On her deathbed a family friend prayed with my grandmother and she rededicated her life to Jesus, and now awaits us in heaven.

Sometimes it seems we are too weak, sick, and miserable to do any good for Jesus and the Kingdom of God. Yet we can plant seeds of hope, we can talk about what Jesus has done for us, and we can witness about the most awesome gift in the universe–Salvation through our Lord Jesus.

Wherever you are, despite all your problems and challenges, and maybe because of them, Jesus can use you to tell others about Him. How many times has Jesus forgiven you, turned things around for you, delivered you when no other physician could help? You have a testimony, look to Jesus, remember what He has done for you, and tell others about Him.

Even when you are at your worst, call upon the Lord to speak through you, witness about Him to others. Even on your sick bed you have a powerful testimony that can give hope to others who are not far from the Kingdom.

Prayer: Dear Lord, we feel so weak and helpless, please help us to remember that You can use the weakest person to deliver the most powerful testimony about You. Amen.

About the Author:
Karlton Douglas lives in Ohio with his lovely wife. He looks forward to the day when he will see his grandmother again in heaven.

Do you feel you are useless to God? Consider that you carry your testimony with you everywhere you go, and wherever you find yourself, there are people who need Jesus.

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