What is God Teaching You While You Wait for Spring?

springCan the transition to springtime hold deeper meaning in our lives than just the temperature? Diane shares.

“He makes springs pour water into the ravines; it flows between the mountains. They give water to all the beasts of the field . . . the birds of the sky nest by the waters; they sing among the branches. He waters the mountains from His upper chambers; the land is satisfied by the fruit of His work” (Psalm 104:8-13).

I love the beginning of Spring. In Florida it’s a bit different than most states in that its predecessor, winter, didn’t bring snow, ice, or even that much cold weather. So in spring–when we receive refreshing showers which bring new life and somewhat cool temperatures–for me, it also sparks the desire to spend as much time outdoors as possible.

As a child we would often delegate spring break as a time to go camping. I loved camping family camp outs. I’d help prepare the camper, stocking it with food, blankets, and making sure all items needed were present.

Then once at the campground I could hardly wait to venture out, wander into the woodlands to see all the wildlife as they burst forth from their burrows, nests, and other hiding places, ready to greet the new season.

But the most exciting part for me was swimming in the waters. Whether it was the natural springs in Florida or the cold creeks of the Carolina mountains, the anticipation was beyond measure. My parents, however, would insist it be at least midday, when the warmth if the full sun would help equalize the effect if the frigid water.

I look back in fondness at those days and think how, even then, God was preparing me for this adult life with chronic illness. He was teaching me the importance of how each season is preparation for the next. And that although there may be rain showers– new life, and refreshing growth will follow.

Most importantly He was teaching at times that I must wait for the fullness of the “Son” to shine through; to warm my heart, my soul, my very essence–before jumping headlong into the cold waters of life’s challenges.

I pray as the newness of Spring bursts forth where you are, you can reflect and rejoice in the fullness of His Son, warming your soul, while He is teaching you.

Prayer: Father, we thank You for the joy of watching all You created begin anew each Spring. Help us, Lord, to spring forth with renewed hope, joy, and love as You direct and instruct us. Your Son’s glory shining fully upon us, that we would then shine also for You! Amen.

About the author:
Diane Stack Kalata lives in Central Florida with her wonderful husband of twenty-six years. She has three grown and married children and three adorable grandchildren. She is a colon cancer survivor, who trusts in the Lord to help her with digestive illness as well as neurological failure. She enjoys writing, and various forms of art.

What new truths has God been teaching you this spring? How has the Son’s rays warmed your heart and soul encouraging you?

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