Will You Remember The Greatness Today?

rememberWhen our daily lives are filled with pain and misunderstandings, lost dreams and disappointments, it can become hard to see Jesus. Shelly reminds us how to remember His power again.

“These things I remember as I pour out my soul: how I used to go to the house of God under the protection of the Mighty One with shouts of joy and praise among the festive throng” (Psalm 42:4).

During this time, David’s soul was downcast within him. I’m so thankful the Holy Spirit inspired him to share the ugly along with the lovely, aren’t you?

David felt forgotten. He was oppressed. He suffered.

And so he responded by singing, by praying, by worshiping.

By remembering.

No matter what you are facing today, there are ways that we can remember the greatness. There are ways to find the blessings woven in.

* Watch a sunrise, the color of mercies new.

* Experience the wind blowing, invisible but powerful.

* Look for God’s little surprises throughout your day. Whatever speaks to you, is special to you. For me, it’s birds, especially red-winged blackbirds. Take special note of your love notes.

* Smell the freshly cut grass. Who but our God could think of that?

* Contemplate just one small detail that He has blessed you with this day. Then thank Him.

I hope these get you started. I hope you’ll share your own in the comments!

Remember the greatness. Find the blessings woven in.

Prayer: Only You, our Holy King, could design such a beautiful world that helps us to remember. Only You would send love notes to each one of us, tailored and specific to show Your great love and presence. We give You all the praise. In Jesus’ Name, Amen./strong>

About the author:
Shelly Hendricks is a wife and mother of 2 amazing kids. They live the good life in South Louisiana. She was a teacher and a librarian in another life. She also suffers from Intracranial Hypertension and a yet-unnamed neuro degenerative disease, among a myriad of other issues mostly stemming from these two. She had brain surgery in 2012, to install a VP Shunt, and had a revision in January 2014. Though her condition continues to deteriorate, her spirit is constantly focused on eternity. Disability has been hard to deal with, but she depends on God for all strength and hopes to encourage others on this journey, through her blog at http://reneweddaily.com

Shelly wanted to share this special song and video with you. Hope you love it and it reminds you of how we can find Jesus surrounding us when we take the time to really look. It is “I See You” by Love & the Outcome.

What kind of things help you to remember?