Can We Trust God Completely When Hard Times Multiply

trustgodWhen struggles turn to tragedies and they don’t seem to stop, do you still choose to keep trusting God? Fiona shares.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight” (Proverbs 3:5-6).

It’s been a fairly difficult start to this year for me. I have been dealing with more pain, with fatigue, maybe even some other things I don’t yet fully understand. Some days have been better than others–sometimes it seems my body is responding to things we try. Others, it seems, like I’m fighting a losing battle.

Growing up, I would have said that my favorite verses in the Bible were these from Proverbs 3:5-6. That was all long before my life became more challenging. I believed I was living out the command to “trust God completely” (as The Living Bible words it). I don’t think I had much idea . . . then.

When life is relatively easy, when there’s no particularly difficult challenges to face, it can be easier to trust that God is in control and that He’s directing our paths.

But what about when bad things happen–accidents, illness, unemployment, death of loved ones, or whatever challenge it may be. What about trusting God then?

In church one morning, the pastor was speaking on “What to do when life doesn’t make sense” and quoting these well known verses.

He exhorted us to trust the Lord completely–with all your heart–not just part of it, or sometimes, when nothing else seems to work. Just trust Him with it all.

Over the years, even through some dark days, I think I’ve always believed that my faith helps me to know that life does make sense. Even when it’s still hard, when it hurts so bad–God is in control and so it makes sense, even if I don’t understand.

Maybe somewhat ironically, it’s the difficulties and challenges in my life that have taught me to trust Him more.

God doesn’t let me down. He can be trusted.

Prayer: Lord God, I want to continue to trust You, even when I don’t understand, when things are hard or painful. Thank You for the challenges in my life, that have taught me to trust You more. Thank You that, with You, my life makes sense. Amen.

About the Author:
Fiona Burrows lives in Melbourne, Australia. She is thankful that God walks each step of her life with her, and that He continues to teach her new things as she learns to live with chronic back pain. She enjoys finding time for reading, writing, and photography, and to share those things with others. You can contact her in the Sunroom, or read more of her writing on her blog there.

Have the challenges in your life since chronic illness caused you to trust God more completely than you once may have? Or is it harder to trust Him now?

Fiona thought you may like this song, Sovereign with Chris Tomlin. Oh, how thankful we are for the sovereignty of God. -Lisa