How to Keep Fighting When You’d Rather Give Up

fightingWhen you have used up all of your strength and determination, how will you keep up the fight? Karlton shares.

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1).

In a movie called “The Martian” based upon a book by Andy Weir, the main character Mark Watney is left for dead on the red planet. One catastrophe after another follows, it seems nothing can go right for Mark. And at each disappointing instance he has the opportunity to give up, give in to despair, to just quit. Yet he perseveres despite his endless ordeals.

Like Mark Watney, some of us on this planet have endless ordeals and catastrophes facing us, and each one of them presents an opportunity to just quit, or to keep putting one foot in front of the other, cling to hope, and with the Lord’s help to survive.

Recently I found myself waking up one morning to chills and fever. An overall feeling of doom and gloom permeating my ill body as it was yet again at war with me. After so many battles, and being so weak physically, it is tempting just to give up trying so hard to keep fighting with such a body. But like that astronaut, continuing to fight is what we do as Christians.

We Christians cling to hope, invoke our faith in the Lord, and keep fighting for another day. We are survivors because we have an all-powerful God watching over us and strengthening us in our weaknesses.

Life is not always fair and often it is not even fun. One seeming catastrophe can be followed by another, yet we have a Lord who has our back, who has all the knowledge in the world and beyond, and who will help us, and eventually bring us safely home.

Do not give up, even though you may be facing your own catastrophe. Call out for help, call upon the One who can and will bring you safely home.

Prayer: Dear Lord, life can get us down, drive us to our knees, and we need You to lift us back up, and get us moving forward again. Amen.

About the Author:
Karlton Douglas lives in Ohio with his lovely wife. He is grateful that the Lord has lifted him up when he has been too weak to carry on.

Does it seem that life keeps throwing one catastrophe after another at you? Call upon The Lord to help you get safely home to your destiny.

Oh, how we must fight! Yes, I know that in scripture Exodus 14:14 it tells us that the Lord will fight for us, but to truly fight or to surrender that fight over to Him, we must acknowledge that there is a battle. And the battle for our attitude, our joy, our entire life, may just come down to our illness.

Or . . . it may not. There may be other battles you face that are larger, like the loss of a child or the devastation of a home. But whatever it is, we must realize that we will wake up and have to choose between going on with the day and asking God to help us fight, or to just throw the covers over our head and stay in bed indefiniately. This is “Fight Another Day” by Addison Road and I think you will like it. -Lisa