How Do You Handle Trials?

trialsTrials can quickly multiply when we are chronically ill. If it is not our illness, it can be our finances or other areas of life that illness makes even more of a struggle. Karlton explains.

“You are those who have stood by me in my trials” (Luke 22:28).

I am not a fan of tests and trials. Yet I know they are necessary, for without them our faith could not grow, and we could not mature as Christians.

The philosopher Epictetus said that without tests and trials Hercules would not have been Hercules. If all Hercules did was to eat and sleep through life we would never have heard of him. Likewise, we were never destined to merely sit around, eat and drink, and watch talk shows all day in a life of ease.

Not long ago my wife was going through a terrible trial. And in my frustration watching her suffer through it I demanded of God why she was going through the ordeal. He does not always answer such demands, but in this instance He let me know that she also had to go through tests and trials. I was not happy about that, it was one thing for me to go through terrible things, yet another to watch her go through testing in such a way.

Our faith and trust in God can not grow without tests and trials. I wish I could say otherwise. Indeed, many preachers make a living promising you a life free of pain and suffering, but that is not true. Today you are in the school of life with all its tests and trials, tomorrow you will be at ease in a pain-free existence in heaven. Why would we need a heaven there if we already had heaven down here?

Life is not easy, sometimes it is very hard. While we wish it was otherwise, we have a comforting God who will help us grow through these challenges. He will see us through until we reach the other side.

Prayer: Dear Lord, these tests and trials are difficult to endure. Give us strength, mature our faith, and comfort us in our afflictions. Amen.

About the Author:
Karlton Douglas lives in Ohio with his lovely wife. While life has not always seemed fair, he is grateful that the Lord has brought him through many troubles, and he trusts the Lord will bring him through many more.

Each day has its own trials and tribulations, are you willing to trust God with today’s difficulties?

I feel weighed down the last few years by the trials that just keep stacking on and attacking. Perhaps you do to. When looking for a video to share I found this song, and there is simply no other way to turn then to keep putting the trials in their place–under God. This is “Whom Shall I Fear” with Chris Tomlin. Be blessed. -Lisa