Do You Need To Be Reminded Of Better Days During The Holiday

better-daysDo we dare to hope for a Christmas that inspires us rather than disappoints us, due to our limitations? Karlton shares.

“When you give it to them, they gather it up; when you open your hand, they are satisfied with good things” (Psalm 104:28).

My wife was just not in the “Christmas Spirit”. When your child or children are grown up it can be hard to maintain the joy you had in Christmases past.

I was determined to cheer her up, so I set up the tree, “hint hint”, letting her know it was time for us to begin decorating. But the Grinch had more interest in Christmas decorations than she did at that time. So I moved to Plan B. I dug out all the beautiful blown glass Christmas decorations she had collected over the years, and her Christmas cheer began rising quickly, culminating in a beautifully decorated tree, and an exponential rise in the Christmas Spirit.

Sometimes we need a little push, or reminder to get into a better frame of mind. Whether it is our health getting us down, a change in circumstances, or simply a rut we need to break out of, remembering good things from the past can open us up to new, good experiences in the here and now.

We should always be cheered up at the thought of Jesus. He has done so much for us, on so many occasions, delivered us from harm, helped us through impossible situations, and blessed us in ways beyond counting. There are many friends He has brought our way, family members we cherish, and experiences that have blessed us and helped us to grow spiritually.

It is easy to become unexcited, or even gloomy about Christmas, but consider Jesus, consider the many fine Christmases of the past, and innumerable blessings He has given you and your family, and let some Christmas cheer into your heart. Let Jesus become the focus not only of your Holiday, but of your life.

Prayer: Dear Lord, we often get down about things, and at times it is difficult to be cheerful about anything. Nevertheless, help us to remember all that You have done for us, all that You have given to us, and we will find our joy in this season. Amen.

About the Author:
Karlton Douglas lives in Ohio with his lovely wife. He is a long time fan of Christmas, and he hopes to always keep Christmas cheer in his heart no matter the season.

Are you finding it difficult this year to enjoy or get excited about Christmas? Why not look to Jesus, He is not only the reason for the season, He is the One who brings joy to His children.

This is Matt Brouwer singing a Christmas song “Better Days.” I love the lyrics to this song about how what we really wish for is better days ahead. We don’t need bows and boxes, we really want forgiveness, peace, and for the hope that we can find better days. Hugs. -Lisa