Does This Child Change Everything For You?


We recite this Christmas scripture, but how much does the event it describes really affect your life? Lisa shares.</h2<

This fall as I was designing some Christmas necklaces I considered what scripture, in just a few words, represented the difference Jesus makes in my life. How could I explain the Christmas story in less than 10 words? I was drawn to "for unto us a child is born…" and then next words just flowed… "And this changes everything."

It changes everything, doesn’t it? From the moment He entered this world, God changed everything.

Jesus is the gift of mercy that God hands us, hoping we will accept Him.

Jesus is the gift of love and He loves all, even those who have turned against Him or who others deem unloveable.

Jesus is compassionate, kind, healing, and unwavering.

Some assume these traits mean He is weak, one to be taken advantage of. But this is wrong. He has the full power of God, but uses it with discernment.

Jesus is forthright, honest, bold, and decisive.

Jesus doesn’t play games or tricks. He isn’t concerned about being politically correct. He is not passive aggressive, but boldly shares Truth, even if it divides relationships.

Jesus is hope. Hope.

In my life, Jesus changes everything. I cannot fathom who I would be without Him in my life. Even with Him as my source of strength, I still struggle with bitterness, envy, and emotionally fatigue. So I know my physical illness would have consumed my heart and soul, had He not been there to fight for it.

Because He lives, I have purpose. My illness battles to destroy any hope of having a purpose. But since I know Jesus, I know that no matter how difficult my days may be, I am here on this earth for a reason. And when that reason is complete, I will be with Him in heaven.

For unto us a child is born. . . Does this change everything for you?

Prayer: Lord God, forgive me. Too many days I live as if the gift of Your Son being born on this earth doesn’t change everything. You changed the course of history by coming to earth as a baby, and yet it is not the history books you care about. It is each individual who You wish to have by Your side for eternity. Help me live each day with the joy of knowing the gift of Your child changed everything. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

About the author:
Lisa Copen is the founder of Rest Ministries and she has lived with rheumatoid arthritis, among other conditions, for over 23 years now. She recently embarked on a new venture with her jewelry line and she continues to write, support Rest Ministries and homeschool her son.

Consider what your day was like yesterday. How might it have been different if you had carried in your heart the realization of how God forever changed your life through the gift of His son being born on earth? How can remembering this today change how your day precedes?

This is Faith Hill singing “A Baby Changes Everything.” The movie clips from The Nativity helps us remember just how much this young woman, and Joseph, had to trust God when their entire lives were turned upside down. A baby changed everything–from their lives, to the lives of the shepherds who traveled to find hope. And Jesus continues to change lives every moment of the day as this earth spins. May this baby change everything for you too. -Lisa