Is Worry Crushing You Under Its Weight?

WORRY3As we mourn with France and those who suffer around the world, I though Karlton’s devotional on worry was one we could all use right now. May you be blessed. – Lisa

“Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?” (Luke 12:25).

Have you ever seen someone under such strain of worry that it appears they have aged before your eyes? There are people who I have not seen for a few months, yet when I see them again it appears they have aged years in that short span of time.

Worry is a thief. It can can literally steal away our life, yet many people see it as a “habit” rather than a “threat”. I have felt the weight of worry crushing me under its load, and I can look back over the years when I lived through periods of time with needless worry.

The Greek word for “worry” in the New Testament is mirimnao. The literal meaning for the word is divided mind.

As a Christian, when you worry you are dividing your mind. On one side is “faith”, a trust that no matter what comes into your life God will make a way, and provide for your needs. Yet “worry” is the other side of that argument. Worry says your worst fears are coming true, that no one can save you from the source of your worry.

I strongly suspect that God is not happy when His children worry. So what can you do about your worry? You can give it to God, that is actually the only thing you should do with it.

There are problems in our lives that we can do something about, and we should take proper actions when such difficulties arise. But often problems arise causing worry that we can do nothing about. Except that we can and must hand those over-sized problems with the accompanying worry into God’s capable hands. And when we do that, we should leave them there and trust Him with them.

Prayer: Dear Lord, we give You our worries. Help us to trust You with our worries and keep our minds off of them. Amen.

About the Author:
Karlton Douglas lives in Ohio with his lovely wife. He has found that worry is One of the worst habits to break. Yet he knows the One to trust with worry is also the only One who can carry the weight of his worries and do something about them.

Do you give your worries to God? Or are you being crushed under the weight of worry?

This is one of those songs that I hear, and then read the lyrics, and think “wow… someone dared to put those thoughts to music.” This is Josh Wilson singing “Carry Me” and if you have ever worried in the middle of the night, if you have ever had a panic attack, if you have ever stood in the shower and sobbed, holding onto the walls so you wouldn’t collapse, I think you will like it too. Hugs, -Lisa