I Need to Remember!

listLists can be both helpful… and anxiety-ridden, depending on what you write and hot they are meant to help. Dorothea shares.

“Do you have eyes but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear? And don’t you remember?” (Mark 8:18).

I deal with “brain fog,” a side effect of fibromyalgia. My doctor describes it as forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating or thinking clearly.

He suggested lists–things to do, groceries, chores, even reminders for letters and messages. I felt embarrassed because I wanted to remember things without using reminders. Grudgingly, I agreed to a six week test period.

The lists actually changed my life and removed some anxiety. The doctor smiled when I explained the difference they made. He told me he also used lists to simplify his life.

Earlier today, I reviewed my list of back exercises and stretches. This is a new list, and I study it each morning to remember the exercises I need to do.

After my exercises, I read this Bible passage, and it convicted me. I’m like the disciples – the Lord has worked wonders in my life, but when this new issue with my back came up, my first reaction was fear.

I asked God to help me recall all that He’s brought me through, and to let faith, trust, and hope fill my heart and mind–not panic.

The List.

So, I started a new list.

A list to help me remember God’s touch on my life–the times He answered prayers; the times He gave me courage to endure painful tests and procedures; the times He spared my life; the peace He gave me whenever I focused on Him; the joy He blessed me with in spite of a bleak diagnosis; but most important of all, His love, which sustained me no matter what I faced.

I’m praying that my new list will help me send up prayers filled with hope, trust, and praise and that my heart will remain steadfast as I focus on God and not these ever-changing circumstances around me.

Prayer: Lord, thank You for blessing us with Your love, mercy, compassion, and grace. Please calm our anxious hearts and fearful minds. Help us remember Your goodness that touches every area of our lives. Amen.

About the Author:
Dorothea Love lives in California with her family. She has lived with multiple chronic illness conditions and endured chronic pain for over 30 years. Each day, she relies on God’s grace and the prayers and support of family and friends to strengthen and encourage her. She loves to hear from her readers. Please visit her on Facebook or read some of her other works on her blog http://www.dorothealove.wordpress.com.

List are often full of things we must do, bills that need paid, chores to complete. Have you ever made lists of ways God is caring for you? Answered prayers? Ways He is faithfulnes?

This is Christy Nockels singing “Let It Be Jesus.” The lyrics reminds us of how if we keep Him the center of everything, from the moment we awake to the moment we fall asleep, to the one we turn to when life is a celebration or when life is the darkest storm, we will always be able to live with peace. -Lisa