Learning to Find Contentment in Doing Less

contentmentHow can we find contentment when we are unable to be as productive as we once have been? Linda shares.

“She had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet listening to what He said. ‘Martha, Martha’ the Lord answered, ‘you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed–or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her'” (Luke 10:39,41).

I love the story of Mary and Martha. Living with multiple chronic illnesses for the last several years one of the things that has happened is I have changed from being more like Martha to becoming more like Mary.

While we need to find the balance of the two I believe that God wants us to strive to be like Mary. There are many things in our day-to-day lives that are important for us to do. We have families to take care of, jobs, responsibilities at church or school, and the list can go on.

Before my illnesses progressed to the point where I can no longer do most things, I was living my life more like Martha than Mary. I was always on the go. I was married, had 2 kids, a full-time job, and I did multiple things at our church. I loved everything I did, but oftentimes found myself so busy that I did not have the time to just sit at the feet of Jesus.

As the illnesses progressed and I was forced to give up many of my activities, I found myself with a lot more time on my hands. I began to feel like I no longer had a purpose. Then God spoke to me through a book about Mary that I was reading.

He showed me that I needed to be using all of the extra time and become more like Mary–sitting at His feet and listening to Him. It helped me find a new purpose in life while I could no longer “do” all of the things that I once was able to.

I now am able to sit (or lots of days, lay) at the feet of Jesus and spend time in worship and in prayer. While I still miss being able to do many of my previous activities, I have found a new sense of purpose sitting at His feet. I pray for others and listen to all He has for me.

If you are struggling with adjusting to life with new limitations, I pray that you can find comfort and hope by resting at the feet of Jesus.

Prayer: Lord, thank You for showing me how to fill the void I was feeling. I thank You for the sense of peace and hope that I find in Your presence. I thank You for the way You have taken care of the many day to day activities I am no longer able to do.

I pray that those who are struggling to fill the void many of us feel due our illness will sense Your presence and spend time at Your feet finding rest, peace, strength, and hope. Thank You for loving us where we are. Amen.

About the author:
Linda Aufrance lives in Phoenix with her husband of 41 years and has 2 children and 3 wonderful grandchildren. She has lived with lupus, MS and multiple other illnesses for over 30 years. While the illnesses have progressed to the point that she is unable to do most things she strives to be a positive influence and help to others dealing with a chronic illness.

Has living with chronic illness changed the priorities in your life? Are you attempting to be more content with doing less?

Linda wanted to share this song with you. It’s a good one! “I love this song by Steven Curtis Chapman, ‘At the Feet of Jesus'” she says. “If I start at the feet of Jesus then I can rest in the arms of my Savior no matter what situation I am in. I hope you enjoy the song and that you can find comfort At the Feet of Jesus.” -Lisa