How to Be Happy Right Where You Are

happyDays pass regardless of how we feel, so how can we find pockets of joy in life today? Karen shares.

“As a prisoner for the Lord, then I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received” (Ephesians 4:1).

When we are 5, we want to be 5.5. When we are 16, we want to be 18. When we are 18, we want to be 21. However, the eagerness to age eventually slows down.

In our 20’s and 30’s, we feel that we have all the time in the world ahead of us. We dream of all the things we want to do in our lives.

In our 40’s, we begin to realize that life goes by very fast! We begin to wish we could slow things down. However, the reality is that we can’t slow time any more than we can speed it up!

Time passes too quickly for us not to enjoy where we are at this stage of life! We’ll be moving to the next part soon enough.

With chronic illness, we focus on completing today’s daily tasks. Our vision is narrow because we are surviving.

We will always have bad days, but we can be thankful and happy for those days too. After all, the bad days make the good ones even better. This is life whether we like it or not. We only get one shot at it.

At the end, our life is a string of “24 hour periods” from beginning to end. Make your day count for something.

Don’t let life pass you by so that you look back and wonder if your life meant anything! Do something that makes someone else’s day better–a smile, phone call, or a kind word.

I need to remind myself my happiness is not in the past when I was healthy. I need to be present and happy in today. Our days are so few. After all, no one is promised tomorrow.

Prayer: Dear Lord, help me to live today in such a way as to make it count for You. Let me be a light in someone else’s dark day! Amen.

About the author:
Karen Weber is from the Midwest and lives with her husband. She has been diagnosed with several autoimmune diseases for over 20 years. She has led a support group and has taught classes for the community on “Living Well with Chronic Illness.”

Do you feel chronic illness the days go by so slow and yet when you look back on your life, time goes by so quickly?

This is the group Delirious singing “The Happy Song.” Yeah, it really exists and I am sure you will at least bounce your foot a little or something! But the lyrics remind us because Jesus saved our lives, because loves us and wiped away all our sin . . . we can be happy! Go ahead and listen for a moment. -Lisa

3 thoughts on “How to Be Happy Right Where You Are

  1. thank you so much for this!!! my husband(29) n i (30) have just celebrated our 9th anniversary n those 9 years have been filled with lots of happiness but def more ‘in sickness’ n ‘for poorer’ thhan we ever though possile! both of us have several incurable chronic illnesses that we have tried n failed all the available “treatments” n so that alone was very hard to deal with. but then 2 years ago when our illnesses got much worse n neither of us could work anymore we ended up homeless. we have since been waiting for a disability hearing but in those years we have been bounced around n even seperated while trying to have a roof over our heads. all of these places have been rough, def not a “home” but we are thankful for them. 2 days ago my husband n i got hit with a lot of stuff at once n a lot of decisions need to be made n really we are finding it hard to find the happy in the day when we are so tired of the fighting, not just for our health but just to survive. God is ALWAYS faithful n i do hold onto that but it is hard at times to see the end. its funny because my husband was talking about waiting just then. how we are always waiting!! and its true i think for everyone, no matter the circumstances. but ive been praying hard for guidance n for comfort n help in this waiting…however long it may be n then i found your deviotinal! 🙂 im going to show it to my husband when he wakes up! thank you so much for being that bit of light in our lives!! may God bless you n your family!

    • Joy, I’m so sorry you are struggling so much in your circumstances. You are a wonderful example of how, with God’s strength, we can stay strong in our faith in Him to provide.
      I’m praying for you and your husband, for our Lord to bless you both with all your needs, to bless you with even more faith, to put people in your path who are able to help you, and especially for less pain caused by your ill-health.
      Much Love.

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