Chronic Illness Making You Feel Trapped?

trappedWhen illness makes our world shrink it is natural to start to feel trapped. Karen shares.

“You will be secure, because there is hope; you will look about you and take your rest in safety” (Job 11:18)/

Sometimes I feel trapped in my own house. With chronic illness, your social life can dwindle down until it feels like I hardly leave your house!

I have been going through a flare in my illness over the last few months. In addition, I have been battling vertigo which makes even the simplest of tasks difficult.

I don’t feel well enough to do the grocery shopping, let alone something fun like shopping or seeing a movie.

The world goes on. I know this because I watch the “world” from my living room window. The children play and ride bikes after school. The people drive down my street to pick up the kids or rush to their jobs.

I’ve only made it to church a handful of times in the last few months.

It’s hard. It’s so easy to get depressed. Others have a hard time understanding this because they continue to go on with their lives when ours slow down considerably.

It brings on many emotions such as anger, loneliness, resentment, and sadness to name a few.

The key is to be honest with God and tell Him how you feel. Let Him minister to your heart.

He’s never surprised by how we feel, He already knows. He can help. He promises to hear us. He may not change the situation but He can bring hope. Hope is always good.

Prayer: Dear Lord, help me when I feel helpless in this life with chronic illness. So much is out my control, so much that I wish were different. Minister to my heart, you know what I need today. Amen.

About the author:
Karen Weber is from the Midwest and lives with her husband. She has been diagnosed with several autoimmune diseases for over 20 years. She has led a support group and has taught classes for the community on “Living Well with Chronic Illness.”

Do you ever feel trapped in your house? Do you ever feel you watch out your window as life passes you by?

This is We Are Leo singing the song “Oxygen.” There are many ways in life we can feel trapped, and for most of us with chronic illness we can spiritually start to feel a bit clastrophobic, wanting some kind of change in our life, some new ways of God reaching out to us that doesn’t involve physical pain. I so understand! The lyrics of this song encourage us that God will be our oxygen when we can’t breathe… and a song for us when we can’t sleep. Ah… doesn’t tht sound like what we all need? -Lisa