Is the Lord Your Light? Truly?

light2Does God’s light she hope and confidence of His presence all over your circumstances, so fear flees? Karen shares.

“The Lord is my light and my salvation–whom shall I fear?” (Psalm 27:1).

The Lord is my light–what does that mean exactly?

I think the Lord is the light that sustains us.

Darkness is unknown and scary. But light brings hope, confidence, and stability.

I have been suffering from vertigo for ten days and counting. Medicine is of some help, but it still affects every area of my life.

I’m unable to move about freely and without much thought during the day. If I turn a certain way or make a certain movement, I feel dizzy.

At night, my sleeping positions are very limited. Most nights, I just doze off here and there.

As true discouragement was setting in today, I prayed that the Lord would show me that there is “light” at the end of this tunnel. What I was really asking for was hope. I was asking the Lord to show me that there is hope in my situation.

A verse from my recent devotions came back to me–“The Lord is my light” (Psalm 27:1). The Lord is my hope!

He is the “light” at the end of the tunnel, so to speak.

Every believer in every circumstance has the same promise–“The Lord is my light.” When the dark tunnel stretches days into weeks, maybe weeks into months and maybe even months into years, His light of hope is always there because He is always there.

I’m choosing to praise Him in my dizziness. I’m choosing to trust Him in these difficult days.

Prayer: Help me Lord to hold on during this struggle. Help me not to fall into despair. Thank You for not ever letting go of me! Amen.

About the author:
Karen Weber is from the MidWest and lives with her husband. She has been diagnosed with several autoimmune diseases for over 20 years. She has led a support group and has taught classes for the community on “Living Well with Chronic Illness.”

Are you going through a dark tunnel right now? How do you hold on to hope?

This is a really beautiful song with Chris August, Go Light Your World. The lyrics remind me to just keep taking my candle each day and share God’s light. And yet how can we have that light? We must get it from Him, the true source. And if we don’t care for it, it will burn out. The song shares this in the lyrics as well. Please take a few minutes to have your light renewed, to be refreshed to not just rely on the light, but to share it with others too. Love, Lisa