A Priceless Restoration

restoreAre you longing for restoration from God? Dorothea reminds us of God’s promises.

“He refreshes my soul” (Psalm 23:2).

My husband loves cars, and I became a fan while I learned all types of facts and trivia from him. He enjoys the TV programs that demonstrate the restoration process of classic sports cars. As a former drag racer, he knows all kinds of things about cars, and I’m thankful he never gets tired of my questions.

I admit, it’s interesting to watch the mechanics take a rusty worn out vehicle and meticulously put it back together. One restoration project took over a year because of the car’s age and rarity. Some of the parts were recreated by hand, with the specialist using only historic pictures as his guide. That project exceeded three million dollars, but the owner said the price never mattered to him because of his love for the car.

The finished product, dubbed a high quality, perfect reproduction, was unveiled during a special exotic car show that was held for a king. The hard work, long hours, unexpected trouble, and anxiety were put into perspective when the finished one-of-a kind vehicle was displayed.

Some days, I feel like that old, beat up car, and I wonder if I will ever get back to “normal” again.

I admit my weariness to the Lord, asking Him to restore and renew my hope and trust.

Sooner or later, I turn to the book of Psalms for comfort, and I thank God for the many times He revives my spirit.

Even though we wonder why God takes us down this particular path, we must trust His love for us and remain open to His work in our lives. It’s easy to doubt our value and influence, yet others can learn from us when we tell our stories and share how we depend on God to bring restoration to our lives.

Prayer: Lord, we don’t always understand the way You work. Help us trust You when we want to know the reason why. Restore our souls in the midst of pain and suffering. Let our joy and hope be defined by You and not our circumstances. Amen.

About the Author:
Dorothea Love lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Norman. They are the parents of two adult children. She has lived with chronic illness and pain for over 30 years. She knows she must rely on God’s grace to strengthen her whenever she faces a challenge. She invites you to read some of her other work on her blog: http://www.dorothealove.wordpress.com.

This is the group Leeland singing “Refresh Me.” O, how I long for that refreshment and what a wonderful gift it is that God promises to offer refreshment even while we are here on earth going through the daily chaos. I hope this song is a blessed reminder for you as it is for me. -Lisa