Making a Decision that is Less About Wisdom Than Our Desires

wisdom1Have you considered what is authentic wisdom about your choices and what is just an excuse? Melanie shares.

“Wisdom calls aloud . . . since you ignored all my advice and would not accept my rebuke. . . Since they . . . did not choose to fear the Lord . . . they will eat the fruit of their ways . . . For the waywardness of the simple will kill them, and the complacency of fools will destroy them . . . But whoever listens to me will live in safety and be at ease, without fear of harm” (Proverbs 1: 25-33, See scripture for complete verses).

As I grow older I’m finding it increasingly difficult to “keep my spiritual fervour, serving the Lord” (Romans 12:1).

My natural inclination is to want the pace and struggle of life to gradually ease as the years go by. Comfort and security are so appealing.

But the opening chapters of Proverbs have reminded me this month of the extreme danger of apathy.

The pithy phrase “the complacency of fools will destroy them”–really hit home: complacency is as destructive to spiritual life and fruitfulness as outright rebellion.

Complacency is a tricky area for those of us struggling daily with the effects of illness or pain.

We have to constantly assess every option in terms of our health–what to do or not to do; where to go or not go, how much energy to expend or conserve.

These considerations can understandably become the overriding factors in all our decision-making.

Clearly we have a duty to ourselves and our loved ones to maintain our level of health as much as humanly possible.

Nevertheless, are we aware of the danger of these issues becoming the all-consuming theme of our thoughts? Is our walk with Jesus larger in our mind than the limitations we live with?

I can certainly perceive the danger within myself of turning the need to protect my health into an excuse for seeking only comfort and rest. For example, convincing myself to watch another TV programme instead of praying or calling a friend.

But God’s Word states that we will only be truly “at ease” when we listen to God’s wisdom.

We all need a daily dose of the balance and integrity of God’s wisdom to make sure our decisions reflect our calling to seek first God’s kingdom. James 1:5 says “If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.”

Prayer: Loving Heavenly Father, Help me to guard my heart from the subtle danger of complacency. Thank You that You promise to give me wisdom when I truly seek it. Help me to act on the advice You give. Amen.

About the author:
Melanie Hodges has chronic migraine; lives in London, England, with her husband and 2 teenage daughters; loves walking, reading, history and writing. Her writing aims are to encourage Christians living with chronic illness/pain and also to produce wholesome, good quality fiction for children. Her first children’s novel, Sirenna’s Song, for 8 – 12 year old girls, is available from

Can you think of a moment when you have made a decision that seemed like a wise way to protect your health, but deep down it was less about pacing yourself and more about a selfish desire?

This is Plumb singing “Exhale.” There are so many times when we feel like we are failing or we have disappointed someone we care about–even God. But God gives us an abundance of grace. This song has some beautiful lyrics about “this being a safe place.” I hope it blesses you as you realize that we have all sinned and fallen short of the perfection only God has. We are loved with pure joy by our Father and He just desires for us to have a life that draws us closer to Him and where we feel His presence. Hugs, Lisa

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