Did You Know God Can Turn Things Around?

turn-aroundGod can turn our entire world around in just a moment. He may do it in small ways though and Karlton shares that these are just as rewarding.

“In the middle of the night something startled the man; he turned—and there was a woman lying at his feet!” (Ruth 3:8).

Boaz had no idea how things were going to change for him when Ruth lay down at his feet that night, neither did Ruth fully comprehend just how much God was going to turn her life around. She could not have imagined one day her descendant would become King David, and his descendant would be Jesus Christ.

God can take our poverty, our loneliness, our days of pain and want and turn them into blessings. Today’s misery may lead to tomorrow’s glory.

It is very tempting when our illnesses knock us to the ground to begin to think we will always be on the ground. Our depression comes, and we are tempted to believe it will never leave. Sometimes we fear that today’s need may not find tomorrow’s fulfillment.

I have been a Christian long enough that I have experienced many turn arounds. A day can arrive that is black as night, gloomy, painful, a day of complete misery, leaving me tempted to believe things will not change. Yet time after time I have seen the sun break through again, the burden lift, and peace replace my pain and misery, all because Jesus is Lord, and Jesus is good.

The enemy sees us when we are down, and he brings our worst fears to mind, thoughts of discouragement and despair. Yet our Lord whispers words of peace, hope, and love. And while it is sometimes tempting to believe the lies of the enemy as our circumstances seem to agree with his lies, we must never forget that our Lord is not a liar. God has a future planned and hope awaiting His children. Jesus will turn things around.

Today may find you discouraged, but I would encourage you to call upon the Lord of the turn around. Let God into your life, and He will give you hope and help.

Prayer: Dear Lord, the enemy of our soul whispers dark tidings, help us to wash away our fears in the remembrance of Your great love for us. Amen.

About the Author:
Karlton Douglas lives in Ohio with his lovely wife. He is thankful that he serves a Lord who turns things around, who replaces discouragement with hope and help.

Are you afraid to hope for better days? Why not ask God to turn things around for you?

This is one of those videos I don’t want you to miss. This is Gungor singing “Beautiful Things” and it has a unique video. The lyrics emphasize how God makes beautiful things out of us, out of our messes and our mistakes. Hope you take time to listen. -Lisa