Is There Even A Trickle Of Water In Your Well?

wellIf your well of inspiration and hope is fading, Karlton reminds us how we can refill our well.

”Fix these words of Mine in your hearts and minds; tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads” (Deuteronomy 11:18).

According to a 2014 Nielsen Report, Americans watch an average of 5 hours of television per day.

According to a 2013 survey of the American Bible Society, of Americans who read their Bibles, 57% only read it four times a year or less. And a mere 26% read their Bibles four or more times a week.

I thought I was doing reasonably well with my time in God’s word. Over a year ago I had a dry period where I had not been reading the Word enough, but almost smugly felt I had been doing “pretty well” in the last year. The Lord impressed upon me that where before I had only a few drops of water in my well, now it was a trickle of water.

It is no surprise the spiritual health of many are in decline. With so few people reading their Bibles many can not even discern moral from immoral. And while your average Christian might squeak by with “four or more times a week” of Bible reading, that is insufficient for a Christian who has been beaten and battered constantly by affliction.

It is no surprise that you keep going to your spiritual well and finding it empty because you are not letting the rain from heaven refill it.

We have a great need for the Word of God in the world today. And we have a compelling need for the Word of God in the church. But brothers and sisters, those of you battered by affliction like myself–we need the constant rain and manna from heaven for us to exist, endure, and to thrive from day to day.

Make room every day for the Word of God. If you can not read it, listen to it, but somehow, in some way, get water into your well.

Prayer: Dear Lord, of all the things we neglect each week, help us to not neglect Your Word. We need time with You and Your Word each and every day. Amen.

About the Author:
Karlton Douglas lives in Ohio with his lovely wife. He is determined to spend more time in God’s Word and keeping his spiritual well full.

Is your spiritual well dry? Why not spend time with Jesus in prayer and reading His Word today?

This is Big Daddy Weave singing “Word of God Speak,” a beautiful song about how precious the Bible is when we want to grow closer to God. When we have the freedom to have our Bible we can so easily forget the value of it in our life. Consider what you would do if this freedom was taken away. Are you familiar enough with it losing it would not create a division between you and the Lord? -Lisa

2 thoughts on “Is There Even A Trickle Of Water In Your Well?

  1. Very few of us have felt extreme thirst physically. When we get thirsty we drink.
    Most of us haven’t taken a hike in the desert & gotten lost to suffer the ravages of dehydration. We would pray for rescue & do everything possible to draw attention to our location.
    Sometimes we get thirsty & don’t realize we need water
    But Spiritual thirst cannot be seen so easily, till our throats are burning with need. Why would we not do the same with the LORD? Cry out for rescue & seek his special water of life on a regular basis. Work, pride, time, failing to remember. The list can go on. It should be as natural as eating a meal or brushing our teeth. Maybe those are the times to remind us to pray. When we brush our teeth we head for the Word right after. Like Karlton said it only takes a verse to be fed. Daily bread or other devotionals can give us the boost we need. But remembering to Hydrate is the Key.

  2. Timely reminder for many of us Karlton. Chewing over the Word instead of rushing through it. Listening to what God might be saying through His word each day. As you say, with chronic illness, we are more in need of a drenching from the word, not just a trickle. Bless you. (Also wanted to say how much I miss your input in the RM Sunroom, Karlton. Don’t ever think you could just slip away without being it being noticed. You have always been a strong, practical and wise voice to us all. Hope you return when the time is right. Meanwhile, as always, your Devotionals are gems. Thankyou.)

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