What Are We Holding On To Tightest?

holdingWhatever we are holding on to the tightest is exactly what we need to surrender. S.L. shares.

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit” (Romans 15:13).

It seems like I disappeared from life for the past seven months. I’ve been struggling.

While it seems ages ago, one afternoon in early October my family and I were in a horrific car accident. God was so incredibly good–nobody died when people should have. My kids and I, while hurt, are going to eventually heal.

There isn’t anything that can ever prepare you for holding a t-shirt over one son’s exposed skull to stop the bleeding, while the paramedics put his toddler brother on a stretcher. It hit me later, after I turned my six-year-old over to the ER doctors, that I could have lost one–or all of my four–kids in that instant.

Honestly, this was my worst fear realized. In the aftermath while trying to forgive the driver, it became clear I had been willing to take whatever God sent my way. But my faith was sorely lacking when it came to my kids.

I think we all have limits like this on our faith. We are willing to trust with just so much, but God wants more than that for us. He gently pries open our hands to take what we are clutching so tightly, even though He can hold it so much better than we ever could.

Submission isn’t giving up; it is trust. And there is no one more trustworthy than God. While there is pain in the offering, He knows far better what our souls need than we do. It might be our families, health, or possessions, but it is all His already.

What we swear we can’t live without is exactly what we need to hand over to Him. To do otherwise is to hold something above Him. God should never be second place.

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, thank You so much for being trustworthy. Please help us to trust You fully in all circumstances and be able to submit those things which we are clinging to. We don’t want to place limits on what You. You deserve all of us because You first loved us. Amen.

About the author:
S.L. Payne lives with her husband, three biological sons and foster daughter. She is thankful for God’s faithfulness in her illness as God has used to it help her see Him in everything; the three boys have supplied the humor! She loves writing, photography and laughing with her family. She also writes on her website, uncommongrace.net, where she hopes she can encourage others to live in grace. You can follow her on Twitter @saralynnpayne.

What things do you feel like you can’t live without? Are you ready to hand them over to God in trust?

I have always loved CeCe Winans and she gives it her all in this song “I Surrender.” Turn up the volume, clothes your eyes, and just listen as a prayer to God. surrendering is so very hard, but I believe that in the suffering of surrender the Holy Spirit meets us there and gives us the peace we seek. Hugs, -Lisa

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