Do You Feel That Time Is Catching Up To You?

IMG_5540.JPGHas time become less of a friend as you see your illness consuming too much of it? Karlton shares.

“They were carried off before their time, their foundations washed away by a flood” (Job 22:16).

We were once the youngest couple in our neighborhood. Older residents slowly died, went away to rest homes, and younger people moved in, leaving us among the older residents.

Somehow you never think that it will one day be you who grows old and moves on, but time catches us all. This came as a stark reminder as my lifelong friend was severely stricken by illness, and is moving into a nursing home. In the back of mind mind I knew “someday” far away such things might happen, but not today, or so I thought.

My wife and I celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary this month. It is no exaggeration to say it seems just yesterday that we were two silly kids dating and wondering what the future would bring. We all grow up too fast.

Time waits for no one, and those of us who have suffered and endured serious illness are acutely aware of how quickly circumstances can change and hopes can be put on hold. We have only the promise of today, the gift of living this day. With our eyes on Jesus, we need to live this day fully in His love, without regret, cherishing today to its utmost.

Whether you are in a nursing home, on your sickbed, or in a wheelchair, wherever this day finds you, make the most of it, do not let it slip by unused or unappreciated. Give God thanks for each day, for they are all gifts from above, never to be repeated, and will pass by all too soon as we fulfill our time here. Time will catch us, but let it find us praising God and appreciating each moment.

Prayer: Dear Lord, let us never squander our days with endless complaints of unappreciated time. We look forward to joining You in heaven, but help us to fully live each day that You give us while we are here. Amen.

About the Author
Karlton Douglas lives in Ohio with his lovely wife. His goal is to live each day fully, and not to waste a single one of them.

Are you squandering your days as time catches up to you? Why not live each day as if it is your last?

This is the song “Times” with Tenth Avenue North. The lyrics share about the many times in our life–both the good and the bad. God made all times. He has a purpose for each. As the years go by and we see chunks of our life eaten away by illness, time can become less of a friend. It is natural to grieve the time we have lost to flare ups, recoveries, or trying to find the right medication. Trust that God will redeem it all and your chance of finding peace is much greater. Hugs, -Lisa

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