Words of Hope in Times of Fear

fears2We choose to have hope in spite of fear, or does the fear control us? Becky explains.

”Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need” (Hebrews 4:16).

As I fumble through my collection of sermon notes and piles of things, I tossed out some Post-it notes. Then I came across a yellowing business card for a pastor and vicar I’ve never met of a Lutheran church in Texas that I’ve never attended. I had to pause.

This business card used to be in a little black Bible that I purchased used at a library. The business card was left from the previous owner.

I cherished that Bible, but I gave it away to a stranger one December 30th not too long ago.

God had allowed me to have a last minute “on call” CT scan that day. In the changing room I sat to be called.

Another female patient sat nearby and so we started chatting. According to her, she all but had “an expiration date” stamped on her.

What could I say to her? I shared with her about the life of my friend, Vina, who had written a letter to be read at her funeral. She had wanted to invite her friends and family to be with Jesus in heaven.

I shared the letter with this woman whom I had just met.

“Do you want the hope she had?” I asked as we sat in hospital gowns and tears.

“No,” was her reply.

I was called for my scan. I prayed to see her again.

What could I give her? I decided I would give her my little Bible.

I was so excited when she was still there!

“The Psalms and the book of John are comforting on the hard days,” I shared, “and Jesus said ‘come and have breakfast'” (John 21:12). The natural, every day words of Jesus brought us comfort that day. It was the best CT scan I ever had, contrast milkshake and all.

Prayer: Oh, Precious Jesus, again I am in awe of You. You give me hope no one else could. In You I find mercy and grace and help in my time of need. Help me to listen, be still, and to let You speak. Amen.

About the author:
Becky Elie lives in the Midwest and enjoys spending time with family. She was diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB) while teaching in Asia and is well after many months of medication and God’s care. She is learning that it is in her weaknesses that God’s strength is made known. Becky enjoys painting, photography, and learning more about living for Christ.

How could God use this moment? What do I have to give?

This video is of a group called Addison Road and they sing “Hope Now.” I think you will appreciate the lyrics of this song, as they specifically speak of how we can long for the shore, but how we are always safe in God’s arms. When we have this kind of hope it is only natural we want to share it. -Lisa

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