Are You Being Good To Your Soul?

My apologies for missing a couple days of devotionals. I have been experiencing more pain than usual and fatigue that only you would understand. Thanks for the grace. -Lisasoul

How can you remember your soul when in the depths of emotional pain? Karlton explains.

”My soul is in deep anguish. How long, Lord, how long?” (Psalm 6:3).

When you are at your worst physically, when your symptoms are flaring, when illness is ravaging your body, it also takes a toll on your soul.

Constant wear and tear, ongoing stress on your body can wear you down mentally and emotionally. I am in the midst of such a time, and the Lord has cautioned me to take care of my soul and spirit. We need to feed good things into our life when everything else in our life is going wrong.

Of course the most important positive item in restoring our soul is the word of God. Reading the Bible, good preaching and teaching is essential. If you are too tired to read the Word, then lie down and listen to it. There are many means to do so now.

If you are too ill to attend church, there is no end of good preaching and teaching on the internet, radio, and available to stream online. Start refreshing your soul with the Word of God.

Beyond the Word there is good music. It is a great tool to stir your soul and lift your spirit. There are good books, and if you are very selective, you can find good things on television that blesses your soul.

What you can not afford to do during times of great physical and mental stress is feed depressing, negative, critical, unfruitful things into your soul.

Be good to your soul. Bless your own soul, and you will be in better shape to bless others. You neglect your soul to your own peril. Recall the things that blessed you in the past and revisit them. Bless your soul.

Prayer: Dear Lord, when we are at our lowest, we need You to lift us higher. And help us to bless our own soul. Amen.

About the Author:
Karlton Douglas lives in Ohio with his lovely wife. Over the years he has learned it is vitally important to fix his soul on good things in bad times.

Do you feel that your soul has been overwhelmed and drained by your illness? Perhaps you need to feed your soul some good things.

I love this song of Plumb’s called “Exhale.” It reminds me of what I hope Rest Ministries is–a safe place where you can breath. Won’t you take a few minutes it listen and remember to just breath? -Lisa