Are you My Father?

fatherIt’s so easy to not spot God, even when our Father is right there waiting for us. Diane shares.

“My sheep listen to My voice; I know them, and they follow Me” (John 10:27).

Do you remember the Dr. Seuss book Are You My Mother? I’m revisiting these now that my husband and I are entering into the grandparent stage of our life. (So fun!)

This particular scripture made me recall that children’s book. The mommy bird, away only for a few moments to gather food, misses the hatching of her chick, which then proceeds to search for his mom.

Not having seen or heard her, he follows, and questions a multitude of other animals–searching, for the one and only perfect and true Mother.

Now this may be a most simplistic example, but isn’t this just like us? How often do we miss what God has for us? First, we are too busy to taste and see the food He has prepared for our souls, our hearts, and our weakened and frail bodies? (Psalm 3:8).

Do we, because we do not know what He looks like or the sound of His voice, (Matthew 15:10), seek a multitude of other avenues?

Searching for the one and only, perfect and true Father? So often we lose focus or perspective–especially when hit with a multitude of battles–physical or otherwise.

At the end, the little chick is reunited with his loving mother. So we too can rejoice, for our Heavenly Father, is never far away! He is always right there, waiting for us to recognize Him, seek Him, listen to Him, and love Him.

He’s waiting for us to ask the question, “Are you My Father?”

What is His reply? ”Oh Yes, My child.”

Then He loves us with a love that cannot be fathomed, nor the depth of it described. It is all, it is everything. It is Jesus!

Dear Lord, thank You for choosing to constantly seek after us. Help us not to allow other things in life to distract us from the truth, that You are our Father, that You seek to feed not only our bodies, but our souls. That we must listen to and follow Your voice as You know what is best for us and desire that for our lives. Thank You for the unending mercy and love that You pour upon us as our Heavenly Father. Amen.

About the author:
Diane Kalata, lives in Central Florida, she is blessed to have a wonderful husband, who is also her caregiver in illness, three grown children, one grand baby and more on the way! She is a cancer survivor, but continues to deal with chronic digestive and neuropathic issues. She loves art and writing. Her desire is to continually be an encouragement to others; looking daily for those “God opportunities” to share His love and truth with others.

Can you think of a time God was pursuing you but you didn’t see Him, at least at first

This is Needtobreath singing “Lay Them Down.” It is a fun and upbeat song with a good reminder that we may search for God, but then we also must give Him our burdens. If we know who our father is and yet never give Him the opportunity to heal us, it is such a loss. -Lisa

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