Has The Season Of Your Glory Passed You By?

season2When we hit a season in life when everything points to more loss, how do we keep finding hope to go on? Karlton shares.

”There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens” (Ecclesiastes 3:1).

The flowering trees are peaking right now. Beautiful white and pink blossoms show trees at the height of their glory. While other seasons show the trees lush with green foliage, or bursting with various colors in autumn before the trees begin to fade with winter, it is spring when trees flower with the promise of life and the fullness of their glory.

When we are weighed down by pain and illness, when disease robs us of the strength and stamina of our youth, we can feel that the spring of our glory is long past. We think the best days are behind us and the future looks as bleak as those black and gray trees robbed of leaves in chill winter. Our hopes can fade and our zest for life can wane.

Yet just as those trees will bloom again next spring, we realize the Lord working within us by His Spirit can bring about His glory and bear fruit in our lives.

Trees don’t have to think about blooming, they don’t have to strain to burst forth with lovely flowers, it is natural and cyclical. We also have cycles in our lives, sometimes we are lovely and fruitful, and sometimes we seem to fade and lose our color. Yet the Holy Spirit is not limited by our age or our illnesses, He can manifest His presence in our lives without any effort on our part, we just need to allow Him to blossom in us, and pour forth the glory of God in our lives.

Do not despair that your best days are behind you. The Lord may yet have great plans for your life. Call upon the Lord to fill You with His Spirit, and allow him to bring forth the glory of God in your life.

Prayer: Dear Lord, we often get discouraged and frustrated and disappointed by life, help us to remember that the seasons of our life may change, but You never do, and with You all things are indeed possible. Amen.

About the Author:
Karlton Douglas lives in Ohio with his lovely wife. Not every season of his life has been easy or wonderful, yet he knows the Lord can and often has turned things around, bringing better seasons to replace the difficult ones.

Do you feel that life has passed you by and the best seasons of your life are behind you? Ask the Lord to fill You with His Spirit and bring forth His glory into the world through you.

This is Crowder singing “Come as You Are.” I’ve been going through my own season of losses lately and it isn’t easy. But I am so very thankful we serve a God who delights in our presence, our need for Him. We don’t have to have a surplus of anything to come to Him except our need for Him. Keep remembering this daily. -Lisa