God’s Got it Covered

gods-got-itStress of our illness or circumstances can overwhelm us, but Deni shares how powerful the belief of 4 little words are.

“Then Jesus said to His disciples: ‘Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat; or about your body, what you will wear'” (Luke 12:22).

I am three weeks out from my surgery for breast cancer.

My results were encouraging. The cancer hasn’t spread, and was fairly small in size. The decision had been made to do a mastectomy as my doctors did not feel I could handle radiation.

No chemo. No radiation. Just a small white pill to take for five years.

God was and is so good.

Yet, I still struggle at times.

I wasn’t aware that the surgery would require such extensive rehabilitation, that my left arm would need extreme care from here on out, that my med side effects are pretty yucky, and that I’d hate exercise so much.

Some gals don’t have a lot of pain after their surgery. That wasn’t my path.

So now, every day I pray for the strength to exercise and to endure: willingness to stretch and face the pain.

I also face the challenge of telling my mind to shut up every time it takes a wrong turn. And it seems to do a lot of that, lately.

What if the cancer pops up somewhere else?

I tell myself, “God’s got it covered.”

What if I can’t handle the side effects of this med? So fair, it’s not going all that well.

“God’s got it covered.”

What if I don’t regain full range of motion in my arm?

“God’s got it covered.”

I’m not sure how I’m gonna pay for all the bills.

“God’s got it covered.”

I’m seeing the importance of not letting even the tiniest thought go unchallenged.

How easy it would be to spiral into the terrifying land of “what if?”

And how grateful I am to know that God has it covered and I rest safely in the palm of His hand.

The very same palm that holds you.

See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; Isaiah 49:16a (NIV)

Prayer: Father God, thank you that we can trust you to give us ample mercy and grace to get through our day. Keep our minds focused on today, and on the fact that you are caring for us day-by-day, leading us onward toward You and Your love. Amen and amen.

About the author:
Deni believes that the only true way to deal with physical and emotional pain is to bring them to the feet of her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. A psychologist by profession, disability forced her into an early retirement from a field she loved. She shares insights she has gleaned from her many physical challenges, as well from as dealing with the emotional challenge of the brutal deal of her adult daughter in 2005 and the loss of her mother, brother, and husband in 2013. It is her fondest prayers that some of the lessons she has faced might be helpful to you as you walk this path, encouraging you to replace feelings of discouragement, hopelessness and helplessness with those of encouragement, hope, and ultimately, joy. Her website is http://todaysencouragingwordonline.com .

Have you ever practiced just believing that God has got it all covered? How did this impact your stress level or make a situation so much easier to bear?

This is David Dunn singing “Today is Beautiful” and the lyrics share of how easily we can stress about things, how we can ask the question ‘why’ but how if we truly trust God loves us, than we can just celebrate the beauty of today. Hoping it touches you. -Lisa

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