Have You Gained Understanding and Wisdom From The Lord?

wisdomIllness may give us experience and knowledge, but only true wisdom can come from God. Karlton explains.

”I gain understanding from Your precepts; therefore I hate every wrong path” (Psalm 119:104).

I was not long out of high school when it dawned on me just how ignorant and stupid I was. Then I read about Solomon in the Bible asking the Lord for wisdom, and I asked for wisdom as well. While I am no Solomon, I would like to think I am not as dumb as that young man many years ago, yet he was already wise in one way–he knew to ask the Lord for help.

Many people in this world have knowledge, but very few have any real understanding or wisdom. And my experience has been that the higher the IQ, the less common sense is found. You cannot give anyone common sense, you cannot drill it into their head.

You could set it in a golden bowl in front of them and it would still elude them. Common sense, understanding, and wisdom are gifts from God, and can be found even with the most feeble minded of people, but rarely among those considered wise by the world’s standard.

I have have said all of that to point you to this–you are going to need wisdom from God to survive and thrive with sickness, disease, and disability.

There are not enough doctors with enough knowledge to give meaning and purpose to your life of illness without God. The Lord can bring healing within that is beyond the knowledge and scope of medicine or science. He can give you peace and joy despite your terrible afflictions.

Look up and ask God.

Ask Him for wisdom and understanding, call upon Him for the gift of common sense to see you through the dangerous road ahead. And then have faith that with all of His wisdom to aid you–nothing–not even illness and disease, can take your hope or joy or purpose for living away from you.

Prayer: Dear Lord, we know we are foolish and in need of wisdom, please give us guidance and understanding to live the life You have given to us. Amen.

About the Author:
Karlton Douglas lives in Ohio with his lovely wife. He is convinced that if the Lord can use a fool like him to help others, anyone can call upon the Lord and become wiser.

Have you realized your need for wisdom and understanding in your affliction? Call upon the Lord, ask Him for wisdom and use that understanding from above to help others here below.

Have you been wondering if you should step forward somehow? Has God been using your illness to lead you to a new calling? To do something outside of your comfort zone? This is Plumb singing “Lord, I am Ready Now.” Although we may not always feel ready in the truest sense of the word, we can be ready to follow His lead and see what He can do with the wisdom He has gradually been giving us. Just do it. (smile) -Lisa