I Couldn’t Help Myself

helpDo you ever wonder where God is in Your pain? Jackie shares why God can’t help Himself but to care for your needs.

“He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; He set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God” (Psalm 40:2).

“I loved Him because I couldn’t help myself” (Frederick Buechner). Let me give you a reason amongst many why this is indelibly true in my life–it’s the story of Marge, my mother’s friend.

I had just come through a devastating divorce, broken and tattered. I had 2 children, no job, and no home. Out of the blue, Marge called my mom from Atlanta, Georgia. We were in Raleigh, North Carolina. Mom explained our situation.

Marge said, “Let Jackie and the boys come live with me.” She rented out rooms in a nice big, beautiful home in order to pay her bills. I was astounded that she wanted two rambunctious boys, 4 and 6, to move in. God moves in mysterious ways!

We drove to Atlanta the next day and rented one large bedroom for $60 dollars which was even cheap for the ’70’s. We stayed 3 years with Marge. I found a good job and was able to rent 2 bedrooms. We had 2 kitchen cabinets and our own bathroom.

Marge was like a second mother to me. When I met my future husband and he asked me to marry him, I asked Marge’s opinion. She said, “If you don’t, I’ll introduce him to my daughter!”

We’ve been happily married for 35 years.

I didn’t have Sjogrens in those years. But God, in the magnificent way He provides for us, was already laying the groundwork for me to soak up His personal love towards me and my boys. His provisions have always been tailor made for me and at 69 they just keep coming.

Friend, I know you struggle with the dailiness of disease. At times it seems God has gone on vacation. The challenges are enormous. Yet He has plans to provide for you because He can’t help Himself!

Prayer: Oh, most gracious Father, how we love You because we just can’t help ourselves. Thank You that You more than reciprocate that love. What a joy You are. Amen.

About the author:
Jackie Smith is from Knoxville, TN near the beautiful Smoky Mountains. She struggles with Sjogren’s Disease and migraine headaches. Jackie had a bilateral mastectomy over 25 years ago. A few years ago she had her colon removed, necessitating a permanent ileostomy. She has her master’s degree in Child and Family Studies. Between her and her husband of 35 years there are 5 children and 12 grandchildren who provide much joy. Jackie loves sharing the rich experiences God has lavished upon her.

What has God done for you recently that you just can’t help not love Him?

This is the song “I Am They”, sung by the group called From the Day. It is a catchy tune that sings of how our heart can overflow with the love of God when we fully realize His gift of saving our soul. May it bless you today. -Lisa