Using the Weak to Bring God Glory

weakThe world may view the chronically ill as ‘weak’ but Bridget remind us how God has bigger plans.

”From the lips of children and infants You have ordained praise because of Your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger” (Psalm 8:2).

“God, do you really have a role for me to play in this life? Can You really use me to touch others’ lives?” These are thoughts I struggle with on a regular basis.

When I’m lying in bed all day because I’m feeling tired and ill–how can God use that? When I can only serve God is small areas–how can God use that to bring others to Him?

These are haunting thoughts every chronically ill person has faced at some time or another.

I was reading through the Psalms and chapter 8 really hit home for me. At first it made me giggle as I pictured a young child saying some sort of smart or funny remark and God’s foes being silenced by that. I just laughed and laughed because God really can use anyone for His purposes, no matter how tiny.

When I finally stopped laughing I realized there was a bigger message here . . . that God can use even the weakest and youngest members of society to bring Him glory.

They can’t do much, but they can use their mouths to speak the truth. They can’t serve in a million ways, but they can use their words and minds to encourage others.

You and I might not be able to be on every committee at church or serve in every area we want to, but God will bless and use us no matter how small it may seem.

Saying a kind word to a stranger in the store just might brighten their entire day. Being pleasant when we feel like being anything but pleasant could bring others to Christ. Being prayer warriors for hurting friends is such a vital ministry (and the recipient might not ever know).

What I often fail to see is that God can turn any small thing into a BIG THING. We just have to make ourselves available.

This passage in Psalms sure lifted my spirits and I hope yours as well. Be steadfast my friends and keep doing what you can do for Him!

Prayer: Oh God, I do feel so inadequate to be used by You, but I know You can use my small thing and turn it into a BIG THING. Thank You for loving me and for using me to touch people’s lives. Amen.

About the Author
Bridget Gazlay resides in beautiful West Michigan. She struggles with fibromyalgia, endometriosis, IBS, kidney stones, gastroparesis, and migraines. She works full time, but writes and designs fabric art on the side. Bridget’s prayer is that anyone who comes across her writing or artwork would see she allows, “God’s creation to be my inspiration.” You can reach Bridget at or find her artwork Facebook page – Uniquely Fabric- Bridget Gazlay.

How does scripture assure you that God has a purpose for you–even through the pain? Have you witnessed God do something big through your own life or someone who the world called “weak”?

This is the group Unspoken singing a song called “Good Fight.” Most of here are fighting a fight or two–some of us many more! Each day there is a fight between our own thoughts and how God asks us to live–trusting Him completely. This is an upbeat song with a great message. I think it will go on my playlist! Enjoy. -Lisa