Where Is Your Nutrition Coming From?

nutritionIt is good to look closely at our nutrition, but Diane shares how frequently we overlook the most important nutrition of all.

“He chose to give us birth through the word of truth, that we might be a kind of first -fruits of all He created” (James 1:18).

With the New Year many people decide to start making better choices for their nutrition, in hopes of fortifying their bodies with foods that will bring about health–both physically and mentally.

Those of us dealing with chronic illness often must completely change our diets and still struggle with absorbing the necessary nutrition for our bodies. But I’m curious, what about your spiritual nutrition?

How is that “diet”?

Recently a friend shared something she had been told years ago–in order to keep her spiritual diet at its most optimum state, she shared:

“When looking at our spiritual growth, look at the fruit tree, (which we are often compared to in the Word). The tree, and the fruit do nothing themselves, it is the nutrition, from the ground (or foundation) which allows for their growth, beauty and strength.”

Likewise, God is our foundation– that deep, rich soil which we stick our spiritual straw in and slurp up all the spiritual nutrition needed. Then we can flourish and present beautiful spiritual fruit!

Yes, we–as chronically ill servants–may not be able to eat the most nutritious or balanced diets in the world’s sense. But what joy to know we can always present the best and most beautiful “first-fruits”!

The One who created us all is supplying all the nutrition we will need–for now and into eternity.

Prayer: Father, thank You for your perfect gift of creation. You created us uniquely for Your purposes. We ask, Lord, that as trees that You have planted here on earth, You will nourish us and grow us, to produce fruit that is an exquisite example of Your Word, truth and love. Amen.

About the author:
Diane Kalata lives in Central Florida; she has a wonderful husband of 26 yrs. Who is her caregiver; she has three grown children. She enjoys writing, art, and walks when possible. She is a colon cancer survivor, but deals with continuous digestive issues as well as other chronic illnesses. However, God blesses her by allowing her to facilitate a home bible group and various other ministries, for which she is truly thankful.

How has God fertilized your soil so far this year? Are you seeing your fruit grow and ripen? What has helped you the most in your nutritional journey with the Lord?

This is Lauren Farmer from Christ For The Nations Worship singing “I Will Abide.” It is sweet, soul-soothing, and a good reminder of how much we need to simply abide. -Lisa